Kempes’ concern and what he thinks of the VCF decline

Mario Alberto Kempes This afternoon he presented his book ‘Matador, my autobiography’ in a bookstore in Valencia. The Valencian legend has taken advantage of his visit to the city to meet again with the Valencian fans in an act in which he signed his book to the hundreds of Valencian fans present.

Friendly and receptive to everyone present, he gave photos and anecdotes to each of the Valencianistas who went looking for his signature and also had time to attend to the press. However, he preferred not to talk too much about the crisis situation that the club of his loves is experiencing at the moment. “I came for something else, not to go see Valencia CF,” said Kempes when asked if he would go to Mestalla this Saturday to watch the duel against Osasuna (9:00 p.m.).

Concerned about the risk of relegation of Valencia CF

Kempes was concerned about the club’s sporting situation. It should be remembered that the former soccer player has always been very critical of Meriton’s management at the club to the point of being removed by the entity from the ambassadorship he once held. Regardless of this drastic measure, Kempes was always clear that he would not give in to internal pressure and that he would be free to give his opinion on Valencia CF. In this case, over the years Kempes has become one of the critical voices against the management that has sunk the club at an institutional and sporting level.

I am the same as you, disappointed but we must continue supporting the players and see how the season ends and then it will be seen“, he stated. In a situation like this, the ‘Matador’ has asked for support for a squad in a dramatic situation and that right now is in relegation places.

Kempes, to whom this situation was related to another similar one that Valencia CF experienced in his time, has puffed up his chest. “We saved him in the last game”, he has remembered him. “You have to bite the bullet as they say and move on,” he added.

Will Valencia CF move forward with the situation?

Finally Kempes has made a general assessment of the future of the club. “Now there is luck and what can happen on the field (grass). If they go down, it will be because things have been done wrong, but it will not be all the fault of the players,” he said.

Now, whatever happens for Kempes, Valencia CF will always be Valencia CF. “Disappear? Valencia CF will never disappear. It will always be there. That it could go down is within the possibilities of every year, but I hope it doesn’t happen”, he concluded.

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