Justin Bamberg opposes Alex Murdaugh’s funds for appeal

Alex Murdaugh looks on as jury convicts him of murdering his wife and son.

A lawyer for victims of the wide-reaching financial crimes of Alex Murdaugh has vowed to oppose an effort by the disgraced attorney to use personal funds to cover the costs of appealing his murder conviction.

Murdaugh, once a scion of the South Carolina legal community, was convicted earlier this month of the double murder of his wife, Margaret “Maggie” Murdaugh, and their youngest son, Paul Murdaugh.

But murder was not his only crime.

According to the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office — which has issued 19 different indictments — Murdaugh stole at least $8.7 million from his clients over the years.

Justin Bamberg, a lawyer based in the city of Bamberg, South Carolina, represents the survivors of HaKeem Pinckney, who died after being paralyzed in a horrific car wreck, and Blondell Gary, who was also killed in a vehicle accident. Murdaugh had previously represented their respective estates in wrongful death and negligence lawsuits, apparently garnering hundreds of thousands of dollars ostensibly on behalf of his clients.

Murdaugh, however, kept the money for himself.

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