Juscelino remains in office because he holds the votes for tax reform

President Lula (PT) decided to keep the Minister of Communications, Juscelino Filho (União Brasil) on the Esplanada, after the revelation of alleged irregular use of government per diems and, in the opinion of the columnist for the UOL José Roberto de Toledo, the decision was taken aiming at the necessary votes to approve the tax reform.

Juscelino remains in government because he is riding on the necessary votes to [aprovar] the tax reform. Jose Roberto of Toledo

For the approval of the tax reform, a constitutional change would be necessary and, for that, the votes of 308 federal deputies are required. during the program News AnalysisToledo explained the account made by Lula and the PT.

  • The Federation formed by PT, PCdoB and PV has 81 deputies;
  • Parties considered left-wing such as PDT, PSB, PSOL, Rede, Avante, Solidariedade and PROS have another 59 votes, totaling 140;
  • MDB and PSD are considered parties that integrate the base of the government for having been contemplated with ministries. Together, the parties have 84 deputies, which added to the other 140 reach a total of 224 deputies;
  • União Brasil, which is Juscelino Filho’s party, has 59 deputies and reaches a total number of 283;
  • Together, the deputies of Podemos, PSC and Patriotas are 20, totaling a total of 303 deputies;
  • For the tax reform to be approved, Lula would still have to count on some votes from opposition parties such as Republicans, PP and PL.

The columnist of UOL he also pointed out that even within União Brasil, Juscelino’s party, there is no guarantee that all deputies will vote with the government.

União Brasil has a split within the party and it is completely divided. It is not all of them that were contemplated in the ministry, so not all of them will vote with the government. Jose Roberto of Toledo

Compensation with Arthur Lira. If he gives up Juscelino Filho, and consequently the votes of União Brasil, Toledo assessed that a kind of “compensation” with the PP, the party of mayor Arthur Lira, would be necessary. He claimed that he would be the only party with an equivalent bench and negotiating with Lira would not be easy either.

Influence of Juscelino. The columnist of UOL he also stated that, despite being from Maranhão, Juscelino Filho has a lot of influence within União Brasil. The minister is close to Davi Alcolumbre, senator from Amapá, and also to Weverton Rocha (PDT), senator from Maranhão.

Lula is in a hurry. Also during the program Análise da Notícia, Toledo stated that Lula is in a hurry to approve the tax reform so as not to need to maintain a large base in the government for a long time. “The strategy is to approve what needs a qualified quorum of 3/5 of the deputies quickly, in the first six months if possible, so as not to drag this gigantic base for four years”, he said.

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