Juliano Cazarré updates on his daughter’s health status and exposes difficulties

Actor Juliano Cazarré updates on the health status of his daughter Maria Guilhermina, after spending 7 months in the ICU

Juliano Cazarre updated on the status of the daughter Maria Guilhermina, in the program It’s from homethis Saturday, 11/03.

Juliano Cazarre

Photo: Playback/Instagram / Márcia Piovesan

After being born with heart complications and being hospitalized for 7 months, the actor said that the youngest is recovering at home. Juliano also revealed that he received a gift box from the program’s team with toys and clothes for the baby.

The heiress spent the first months of her life with few stimuli, having spent a long time in hospital treatment. “She really needs these toys. Everything is good for her now, because she needs to be stimulated a lot.” said Julian.

the daughter of Julian It is Letícia Cazarré was born with Ebstein’s anomaly, a disease that affects the heart and the development of its basic functions. In the program, the actor told what happened and why she spent so much time in the ICU.

She was born with a heart problem, so she had an operation on her heart. But in the surgery there came a time when there was a problem. She almost boarded. Heavenly Father, thank God, said: ‘Stay there a little longer‘” he blurted out.

The youngest of the family still faced neurological problems. “Stroke, bleeding, ischemia. So, he is now recovering from this neurological problem. But, God willing, with lots of affection, lots of encouragement [vai conseguir]“, assured.

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