Jovem Pan honors Women’s Day with a photo of a fired journalist

Photo: Disclosure/Jovem Pan News / Modern Popcorn

On Wednesday (8/3), Jovem Pan sent a tribute for Women’s Day through an internal communiqué. However, the group did not pay attention to the details and used the image of Kallyna Sabino, a journalist who had been fired the day before (7/3).

As the ball was not enough, JP forwarded the message to all employees, regardless of gender. “Every woman looks beautiful dressed in happiness”, said the statement, which generated a tense atmosphere in the newsroom.

In addition to journalist Kallyna Sabino, the group fired presenter Claudia Barthel and commentator Camila Abdelmalack. And look at the detail: they would have been replaced by two former male employees of CNN Brasil.

It is worth remembering that the Jovem Pan group is undergoing an internal reformulation after the loss of sponsors and several accusations of support for vandalism in Brasília. New dismissals can be expected to moderate the “critical tone” of the broadcaster.

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