José María Stampa: “This sounds like an explosive cocktail to me. It doesn’t smell good”

Jose Mara Stampaa lawyer specializing in sports law, analyzed in Goals on Radio Marca the judicial situation of the FC Barcelona in relation to the ‘Negreira Case’: “This sounds like an explosive cocktail to me. It doesn’t smell good” Stampa stated. The lawyer insisted on the importance of those affected, clubs or partners, filing a complaint so that the National Court can intervene: “If there is no injured party who appears in the case saying that, playing against Bara at that time and in such a match, they were harmed, the National Court cannot do anything“.

In relation to the complaint filed by the VAR referee, Estrada FernndezJosé María Stampa resorted to the term ‘Complaint to the Catalan’. It is a “half comic” denomination for those actions that wanted to control the lawsuit: “What the complaint filed by the referee does is set the competition there. It has fallen into a rather dilatory court because it is very busy. All these options favor FC Barcelona and makes us suspect that it could be a ‘Catalan complaint’“.

As for the silence of Real Madrid, is clear that it transcends the legal: “Madrid without Barcelona and vice versa, make neither of them worth as much. LaLiga also loses value.” He regretted what happened and thinks that “only judicial action” would make the world of football regain confidence.

Finally, José María Stampa settled the rumors regarding the statute of limitations: “It is true that it prescribes after three years, but we have to know if during this time there has been any action or requirement. The prescription has the defect that each time it is interrupted it recounts another three years.. You have to see when they started to investigate” the lawyer settled.

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