Joildo Santos, co-founder of G10 Favelas and CEO of Cria Brasil agency – 03/06/2023

How does G10 Favelas work? How can companies participate in the creation of new business models? And how does an agency that was born in the favela and now works with clients from all over Brazil?

This week’s episode of the Media and Marketing program welcomes Joildo Santos, co-founder of G10 Favelas and CEO of the agency Cria Brasil. Joildo also talks about how advertising needs to leave favela stereotypes aside – check out the interview above, in full.

“We need to build a different perspective on the favela. Public authorities and brands play an important role in this. I believe that helping occasionally, in an emergency, is fine. But something needs to be built with more solid foundations, with education, respect for culture, and that involves the creation of new business models”, says (from 2:37).

In the chat, Joildo explains the functioning of the G10, a block formed by entrepreneurial leaders from the 10 largest favelas in Brazil.

“There are more than 20 initiatives, each one with an alternative, a way out, which we have escalated and taken to other states”. He mentions, for example, the creation of G10Tech and G10Bank. “It is possible to bring development to the favela through technology”, says (from 5:01).

Joildo also comments on how brands could improve their approach to communities.

“Do you want to talk to R$ 180 billion in revenues that circulate through these communities? The first step is to get to know them. This is the invitation I make: we need to demystify this. We need to leave stereotypes aside, in music, in services. Here at Paraisópolis, for example, has a lot of rugby athletes. Who can imagine?”, he says (from 11:23).

The executive also talks about Cria Brasil, the communication agency he founded, which serves clients such as Casas Bahia, Electrolux and Leroy Merlin.

“We don’t act as an intermediary. We try to bring cultural and sports references into the campaigns, with many campaigns produced four-hand”, he declares. (from 25:15).

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