Jenna Ortega Allegedly Offered A Role In Beetlejuice 2

Within the past couple of years, Jenna Ortega’s star has certainly been on the rise in Hollywood. Although, compared to some of her early efforts that were more family-oriented, fun, and colorful, her recent projects have taken her on darker, more brooding narrative journeys. Suffice to say, she’s quite familiar with productions of the strange and unusual variety, which sets her up perfectly for the alleged “Beetlejuice” sequel.

Most famously, Ortega recently starred in the record-shattering Netflix series “Wednesday,” where she took on the title role and absolutely set the world on fire. The “Addams Family” adaptation even saw Tim Burton direct four of the eight Season 1 episodes. Meanwhile, at the movies, Ortega portrays Tara Carpenter in the “Scream” franchise. She made her debut in 2022’s “Scream” and will return to the character for the supposedly not-so-great “Scream 6.” Not to mention, she’s popped up in “X” and “Studio 666,” too.

Time will tell if “Beetlejuice 2” is indeed on the way and if Jenna Ortega has been offered a chance to add her name to the cast list. Bearing in mind her recent acting experiences, it stands to reason she’d excel in the hypothetical sequel if she were to appear.

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