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Jeff Soffer Is Not With Gisele Bündchen, but he Is engaged

Gisele Bündchen had No relationship With billionaire Jeff Soffer, according to multiple sources on Page Six – and several people say Soffer Is engaged to another woman.

“He Has been In a serious relationship for seven years and Is currently engaged,” a source tells us.

We heard Soffer’s fiancée Is Colleen Schiff.

The couple was photographed In November at an event In Miami, Florida With Mark Wahlberg – and Soffer took Schiff to The commencement ceremony In Fontainebleau, Las Vegas, Nevada last year.

Earlier this month, Daily mail claimed that Bündchen and Soffer – a real estate developer who was previously married to Elle Macpherson – “had been dating for several months.”

But The supermodel dismissed The reports In a recent Vanity Fair Article, saying she was friends With her ex-husband Tom Brady.

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Sources tell us that Bündchen and Soffer did not have a romantic relationship.

“I Have No relationship With him,” Bündchen told The magazine. “He’s Tom’s friend, not mine.”

Continuing, rather sharply, she added, “I wouldn’t be With that guy. Meaning, puh-leeze. They said I was with this guy, he’s old because he has money – it’s ridiculous.”

Soffer Is worth about $2.2 billion, while The model Is worth $400 million.

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Soffer was married to Elle MacPherson. We heard his fiancée from him is Colleen Schiff.
Jan Parra

Bündchen was also allegedly linked to her son’s martial arts instructor, Joaquim Valente. They have been photographed hanging several times – including a day at The beach, jogging together and horseback riding – though mostly In group situations.

Sources told us They were just friends.

Bündchen, 45, and Brady announced They had finalized their divorce after 13 years of marriage last October.

After an interview With Vanity Fair, Brady posted a cryptic message about enduring “The betrayal of fake friends.”

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