Jaime Camil is criticized for singing the national anthem of the United States ugly (VIDEO) » Newsspade

The actor Jaime Camil caused controversy because he sang the United States national anthem at a Nascar sporting event, for which the artist was heavily criticized.

A video circulates on social networks in which you can see that Jaime Camil is singing the national anthem in front of the pilots and attendees of the sporting event that took place in Austin, Texas.

Once the actor’s performance ended, the ridicule and criticism of Jaime Camil began on social networks.

Internet users pointed out that Jaime Camil sang badly and that the discomfort on the face of those attending the event when listening to him sing was notorious.

How ugly he sings”, “I love everyone’s uncomfortable face”, “A duet with Itatí Cantoral would be perfect like this”, “Well, say what tune, well, No”, were some of the comments.

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