It’s Raining Worms In China? Viral Video From Beijing Causes Stir (WATCH NOW)

A viral video from Beijing China indicates that is it raining worms in the city. The viral video from the capital city shows roads and vehicles covered with what seems like worms.

Cars in Beijing can be seen covered with some worm-like creatures in the video.

The video, which has been shared by Insider Paper, showed clusters of worm-like dusty brown creatures all over cars that are parked alongside roads in Beijing. The report also said that people could be seen carrying umbrellas to save themselves from getting hit by worms falling from the sky.

The reason behind the “worm rain is not known yet however the scientific journal Mother Nature Network suggests that the slimy creatures were dropped after being swept up by heavy winds”, New York Post reported.

“According to the periodical also noted that this type of occurrence happens after a storm when insects are caught up in a whirlpool,” the report added.

raining worms

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