Internal Fox slides in Dominion case show fear of Newsmax

Former Fox host Lou Dobbs interviews Sidney Powell. (Fox News screengrab via Dominion lawsuit)

In their billion-dollar defamation lawsuit, Dominion Voting Systems advances the argument that Fox News peddled conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election in a bid to keep their viewers from changing the channel to hard-right competitors Newsmax and One America Network.

A series of internal slides from the media giant released on Monday helps provide evidence for Dominion to advance that case.

“WHAT KEEPS US UP AT NIGHT,” one of those slides states, in block caps.

One of the bullet points that appears after that reads: “Post-election NEWS impact.”

A separate slide explores “POST-ELECTION STRATEGY” further, which airs concerns about Newsmax’s booming business.

“Share increase at Newsmax creates narrative that FNC rtgs decline are structural, not cyclical,” one of the bullet point reads.

Fox’s chief operating officer Joe Dorrego explained the distinction in a deposition in late February.

“When something is structural, is it a permanent change?” Dominion’s attorney Justin Nelson asked.

“Yes, yes,” Dorrego replied.

“And when something is cyclical, will it go up and down?”

“Correct,” the COO responded.

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