In a warm game, Fortaleza and Ferroviário are tied for the semifinal of Cearense

Teams meet again for the state championship

This Sunday (12), Fortaleza and Ferroviário opened the confrontations for the semifinal of the Cearense Championship. For the first leg, the teams were unable to show their full strength and ended in a 1-1 tie. In Castelão, Felipe Guedes scored for Ferroviário, and Lucero scored for Tricolor.

Photo: Disclosure/Lenilson Santos/Ferroviário

Photo: Lance!

With the result, the game is open for the return match. In this way, the teams meet again next Sunday (19), in the return game. Whoever sells, is in the final.

In the first half, Ferroviário even tried to keep the ball longer and pressed in the opening moments. It didn’t take long, however, for Fortaleza to balance. In one of the best arrivals, Galhardo put Pochettino in front of the goal, but the striker did not arrive in time. Deysimjo also had a great chance, but stopped at the goalkeeper. At 38, Ferroviários scored. In the move, the ball fell to Felipe Guedes, who sent it to the bottom of the net.

In the second stage, Fortaleza tried even harder to resolve the situation. However, it was a stage with little emotion. At 16, Pikachu took a chance from outside the area and stopped at the goalkeeper. After some changes, Tricolor found the goal in the end. At 44 minutes, Lucas Dias left the ball at the feet of Lucero, who only had the trouble of pushing it into the net.

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