“If someone represents the ‘Barça DNA’, that’s me”

Xavi Hernandez wants to continue for a longer time as part of the Barcelona Soccer Club. However, the technician has recognized that his renewal will depend on the results. For the moment, the Barcelona team has won the Spain Supercupis leader of The league and still alive in Copa del Rey. The downside is that it was left out of both the Champions as of the europa league.

During the opening ceremony of the House of Sport of Terrassa, Xavi Hernández has referred to his continuity and to something that they attribute to him in the last weeks: his distancing with which many recognize as the style of play of the culés. But he has spoken loud and clear when affirming that “if someone represents the ‘DNA Barça'” that is him.

First of all, he commented on the words of Joan Laporta about its renewal “even if La Liga is not won”. “His words have caught me on the way. For me he is a friend, but first are the results and then, the renewal. This is not about money or years, but about the club doing well,” said the former soccer player.

Xavi Hernández, at a press conference


Xavi, who has recognized that he is “sick of football”, has pointed out that “the worst days” of his life have been lived as Barcelona coach. However, he has highlighted his passion for the blaugrana: “I would spend my whole life at Barça. It is my home, but I depend on the results. I am constantly judged and criticized. It is hard, I have a family and small children. There are many moments when those that do not compensate. Sometimes you do not find out about the criticism and a friend calls you telling you that they are killing you”.

Barcelona DNA

In addition, he has praised his figure within the Catalan club: “If someone represents ‘DNA Barça’, that’s me”. And all after the criticism for turning his back on the ‘Barça style’: “I want the ball. But there is an opponent. There are times when you have a game plan, but you have to adapt. How do you take the ball away from Kroos and Modric “How am I going to go against a style that I represent? I would never betray the style that has fed me. If I am someone in the world of sport it is thanks to him”.

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Lastly, he spoke about the sweet moment his team is going through in the domestic championship: “I would have signed to be 9 points behind Real Madrid in March, although the moment of truth has arrived”. But he has not hidden that the economic situation is not the best: “We have to be more competitive in Europe, that is the exam that has told us that we are not quite right.”

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