“If I had Cristiano’s work ethic, I would have 15 Ballon d’Ors”

How life changes in a matter of months. A few weeks ago, Leo Messi he was the absolute idol of Argentina after having led the ‘Albiceleste’ up to the title of World Cup in Qatar. And now, he returns to the eye of the hurricane and the center of criticism after not having appeared in the key tie against the Bayern Munich in the Champions.

The million-dollar project of psg He has failed again by going home in the round of 16 and Messi has not left any of his usual flashes of quality either in the first leg or in the second leg. Therefore, in Paris they have singled him out harshly. It seems that now Leo lives in a totally different situation than he has had during his entire career. He is revered in his team and hunted in his team.

To add fuel to the fire has come patrice evra. The former French soccer player, who now works as a commentator and analyst for different media, has spoken about the Argentine soccer player and has rescued the eternal comparison with the other great star of the century, Cristiano Ronaldo. The fight between the Portuguese and the ’30’ of PSG does not stop.

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Evra is a person who knows the Portuguese very well and is clear with whom he stays. But she gives a very interesting argument, although she recognizes that Ronaldo is her friend and a player she is very fond of for everything she gave him on the field. For the Frenchman, Cristiano had a discipline and a cult of work and training that make him stand above anyone.

Patrice was asked once again who was better for him and he did not hesitate to praise the current player of the Al Nassr and former star of teams like the Manchester Utdhe real Madrid wave Juventus:”I want to explain why I always say Ronaldo. It’s not just because he’s our brother, but because I love the work ethic.”

Cristiano Ronaldo, with Al-Nassr


For Evra, that marks the difference between two absolute geniuses: “I feel that God gave Messi a talent and told him ‘go and play with those abilities’, while Cristiano had to work. He also has talent, but he had to work on it. If Messi had the work ethic of Cristiano Ronaldo, he would probably have around 15 Ballon d’Ors today. I love people who work hard and that’s why I choose Ronaldo.”

Not even the World Cup is worth it

The former Manchester United player believes that at such a high level, Cristiano’s obsession with working every day of his career and continuing to work makes a difference that Messi will never be able to achieve: “I know that after the World Cup, people say that he GOAT It’s Messi, but Ronaldo is on a different level. I don’t want to compare them, if someone chooses Messi, I will respect him.”

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A few words that come at a very difficult time for Leo Messi. The Argentine has had a few festive months at the sporting level since after winning the World Cup and being named MVP of the tournament, he collected the award a few days ago in Paris The Best of FIFA. However, the bump in the Champions League has brought him back to his harsh reality.

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