Idol Awards 2023: Jessica Goicoechea teaches more than necessary with her risky dress at the Idol Awards 2023

hOh quirky dresses that they can take their risks. YJessica Goicoechea knew what she was playing at. The soccer player Marc’s girlfriend Bartra suddenly appear with a most impressive and striking dress with certain transparencies that made us see beyond the imaginable. And it happened. It was at the Gala of the fraud awards.

The top of Jessica’s dress was covered with three strips of stone on each side. Thus she left revealing her belly, her hips and… her nipples. A spectacular dress with which she surprised and shocked everyone with those ‘oversights‘.

participated in the second edition of the Idol Awards, an event that tries to reward the work of content creators on social networks. In addition to her, they wore Anita Matamoros, Tamara Gorro or Anabel Pantoja, as well as Belén Esteban, Mario Vaquerizo, Eduardo Navarrete, the actress Itziar Castro, the actor Canco Rodríguez or the singer Beret.

Jessica Goicoechea wanted to go further and talk about her… For this reason, she opted for the riskiest dress of all the guests of the gala

Jessica Goicocechea’s heartbreaking message: “Why don’t you commit suicide?”

Jessica goicoechea maintained -before Marc Barra- a formal relationship with his professional partner River Viiperi. A relationship marked by bad treatments from him to her… “He tells you that you are worthless. He steps on you. You have not reached anything, you are nothing, why don’t you commit suicide?, he invites you”recounted in an interview with the ‘youtuber’ Luc Loren.

And he added that he suffered insults, threats, shouting and humiliation by the Ibizan. In any case, this is the prelude to the interview that will be broadcast in full in a few days.

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