“I would be at Barça all my life, it’s my home”

Xavi HernandezFC Barcelona coach, spoke with Albert Luque, football director of the Spanish team, at a round table with other international athletes. During the talk, the culé coach reviewed the current situation of Barça as well as gave clues about its renewal.

The coach wanted to make it clear that his continuity at Barça will depend on the results, that it will not be about money. “The president’s words caught me coming to this event. The president is a friend. Barça is lucky to have a president like him. It is very reliable and goes to the face. For me, he is a friend, but pFirst the results and then the renewal. This is not about money or years of contract, but that I want the club to go well. The day I feel that I don’t convince the players, I’ll go home.”

He also reviewed the difficulty of being the Barça coach, but that he does it because he has been a culé all his life. “I would be at Barça all my life. It is my home. I depend on the results. I am constantly judged and criticized. It’s hard, I have a family and small children. There are many moments in which it is not worth being a Barça coach. And more if you are culé like me. It is very hard when they tell you that they are useless or that you have no personality. Sometimes you don’t find out about the criticism and a friend calls you telling you that they are killing you.”

As for the signingsthe Egarense coach left the door open for the arrival of incorporations in the summer market, as long as the economic situation allows it. “Barça always has to strengthen when a market arrives. Whether we like it or not, this is going to pay off and at Barça everything has to be excellent. We are in a difficult economic situation to manage, we depend on fair play, but we will strengthen ourselves for sure. We have to be more competitive in Europe. It has been the exam that has told us that we are still not completely well.”

The Catalan coach revealed that his routine is 100% focused on Barça, from the moment he wakes up until he goes to sleep. “My hours are 24 hours. We get up when the children want, who are kind enough to get you up early and then off to the sports city. Then to sleep soon, as Pep said. You are pending 200 things. Team management is not easy. Being a Barça coach is 24 hours“.

Xavi left one of the sentences from the press conference, remarking how difficult it is to be a Barça coach, and the pressure that this implies. “The worst days of my life have been as Barça coach. In many cases I have asked myself the question of whether it compensates. I don’t need anything economically… but I am from Barça and I want to help the club“.

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Albert Luquewho was also one of the representatives of the sport from Egar, commented that he tried to sign Xavi for the Federation, but that he already had other plans: “When Xavi was taking the coaching course, I gave him the opportunity to start in the Federation. I know how he understands football and I know the leadership capacity he has. I tried to get ahead, but I already had plans. I hope we meet again in the future”

After the debate generated in the last games about the game the team, Xavi stressed again that he was not satisfied despite the blaugrana victories and that no one but him defends the style. “If someone has represented this style of play, it’s been me, I haven’t been fast or strong. I want my team to have the ball. If we don’t have it, I sweat the cold drop. But there is an opposite. Soccer is not a play, there is a rival that makes you the fist. And Madrid did it to us. How do you take the ball away from Modric and Kroos? How can I go against the Barça DNA, if I represent it? I would never betray the style that has fed me. If I am someone in the world of sport it is thanks to that style of play”

To end, Xavi affirmed that he feels “excited” with being able to win the two titles what remains and what the fall in Europe “has been the exam that has told us that we are not completely well yet”hinting that there is still a lot of work ahead.

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