“I will defend her with soul and life if it touches me”

The new one Selection The countdown to your presentation begins. It will be in ten days, on March 17, when presumably Louis of the Source give his first official list in front of the Absolute. There will be surprises and one of the possible ones has its own name: chimy Avila. the striker of Osasuna He is among the candidates to be called up.

Born in rosary beads (Argentina), land of Lionel Messi, Chimy Ávila has been letting himself be loved by the National Team for some time. In summer he will be six years old in Spain, the time he has spent since he landed in the Huesca and two courses later he joined Osasuna. Not having gone with the Albiceleste and have dual nationality, is eligible.

This important moment in his career came to Chimy Ávila in one of his best seasons: he has scored 7 goals in 21 league games. He has never hidden about the possibility of going to the National Team, to which he has always been open, and now that he is so close – his name is among the 69 on Luis de la Fuente’s shortlist – he shows excited.

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Chimy Ávila spoke this Monday, after the league match between Osasuna and Celta Vigo and ended in a draw at zero. After the clash, he spoke to the media in the mixed zone and most of the questions were directed to the possible call-up with the Spanish team next week.

“I’m very happy to be on the shortlist,” said the striker as one of the 69 players that De la Fuente is considering. “You have to let the coach decide. I continue with my work every day, I don’t despair and if it’s my turn I’ll be very proud to go defend,” he added.

Luis de la Fuente, Spanish soccer coach, during the interview with EL ESPAÑOL at the Ciudad del Fútbol of the RFEF

Sara Fernandez

At 29 years old, Chimy Ávila has not had an international career, having never gone with Argentina. For a long time he waited for that call that never came and now he welcomes the chance to represent Spain with open arms.

“It’s a job that I’ve been doing for a long time and it’s bearing fruit. It’s a dream because this country opened the doors to me and my family, to live without fear, and that has no comparison with anything. I am a grateful person and I will defend it with soul and life if it touches me”, he explained.

The debut of Luis de la Fuente

De la Fuente will give in a matter of days the list with which he will debut in the position of absolute coach, since he occupies after the departure of Luis Enrique after the failure of Spain in the World Cup in Qatar by falling in the round of 16 against Morocco. The RFEF of Luis Rubiales He opted to continue the project with a man of the house with a similar style on the bench, but with an almost opposite profile to his predecessor.

The Selection opens a new chapter with several outputs, the most notable being that of Sergio Busquets after its international withdrawal. Nor will it be Sergio Ramos, whom De la Fuente called personally to convey that he did not count on him. The turn of surprises is now open and Chimy Ávila is among the candidates.

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