I Make Over ¢646,505 Annually As A Bus Driver In UK

A Ghanaian man, Lincoln Bamfo working as a bus driver in the UK has revealed that he makes over ¢672,505 every year.

Bamfo who revealed that he is a graduate of the Accra Technical University, moved from Ghana to Belgium and then to London as an adult.

Lincoln Bamfo

According to Bamfo, he amassed his good fortune all thanks to the UK system that values the contributions of workers and allows him to pay for his education.

Bamfo emphasized that Ghanaian drivers receive inadequate training after obtaining their license, unlike in the UK, where he undergoes refresher courses or a week of training every five years.

The man’s revelation has sparked conversations on social media, with many people praising his hard work and encouraging others to follow in his footsteps.

Some have also called for better pay and working conditions for bus drivers in Ghana.

Lincoln Bamfo
Big Ben Clock Tower and London Bus at England

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