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Article—First-letter-highlighted”>YonThe last few years, Gwyneth Paltrow Has often been at The center of controversy and The way she acts Has generated a lot of debate. At times, she has been heavily criticized for her daily actions.

Now, she Has come out to explain that she Is going to continue With her very strange wellness routine because she says it works for her.

Paltrow Is often described as an “almond mom”, a term that refers to adults who encourage eating disorders In their children, while she Has also received a wave of criticism on Social media for her words about her use of ozone therapy via rectal and IVs.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Video to explain her wellness routines

She opened up during an appearance on The ‘The Art Of Being Well’ podcast, In Which she spoke With her friend Dr. Will Coleand was heavily criticized for some of the procedures she was advocating.

In response to The backlash, she shared a Video on her Instagram to try to shed some further light on why she Is doing what she’s doing.

“I Have long COVID and The way it manifests for me Is very high levels of inflammation over time,” she said on Social media.

“So I’ve been working with Dr Cole to really focus on foods that aren’t inflammatory.

“[The podcast] was a transparent conversation with me and my doctor. It’s not meant to be advice for anyone else.

“It’s really just works for me, and it’s been very powerful and very positive.

“And, by The way, I eat far More than bone broth and vegetables.

“I eat Full meals, and I also Have a lot of days of eating whatever I want. And eating, you know, French fries and whatever.

“It’s really just what you’ve worked for me and it’s been very powerful and very positive. This Is Not to say that I eat this way all day every day.”

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