“I feel cheated, it’s a trap”

Achraf Hakimi He is still waiting to hear news about the case in which he has been involved after a young woman was accused of having raped her at her home. The prosecution French formally accused the player after the testimony of the complainant, and the investigations are ongoing while the Moroccan tries to continue leading a normal life in the Paris Saint Germain.

The right-back continues to remain silent publicly, but now the player’s feelings have been revealed through the statements of a friend of his who lives in Madrid. The program Party of the Chanel Telecinco He traveled to the neighborhood where the athlete grew up and spoke with several people who have known him since he was little, especially one of his best friends.

Thus, this acquaintance of the current Paris Saint Germain player claimed to have been with Hakimi just a few days ago and acknowledged having spoken with the Moroccan even before the whole issue broke out. “He’s my friend, my brother, he always comes here. He was with us 20 days ago. I talked to him before things jumped out a lot and he told me: ‘I feel cheated, it’s a trap,’ “said the friend of the international with Morocco.

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In addition, in the responses to the reporter who traveled to the neighborhood of Getafe, That friend of Achraf Hakimi, who did not want to reveal his identity, continued in his explanation and in his belief that the player is innocent: “He has enough money to reserve a ship for girls, that is planned,” he ratified in defense of the footballer .

The story of the facts

A 23-year-old girl accused the player of Paris Saint-Germain of having raped her at the athlete’s home on February 25. According to the complainant’s testimony, the relationship between the two began on January 16, when they both contacted through the social network instagram and began to exchange messages.

So about a month later achraf, always according to the version of the alleged victim, he sent him a uber to pick up the girl and take her to the Moroccan’s home. Once there, “the situation got out of hand” as pointed out by the complainant since the PSG player kissed the young woman on the mouth, lifted her clothes and ended up kissing her breasts despite the fact that she refused in all time.

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The part of the alleged victim has also come to speak of penetration without consent and vaginal touching of the soccer player despite the fact that the young woman resisted all of that.

On the date the facts are reported, Hakimi’s wife was on vacation with the couple’s two children in Dubai, so the footballer was home alone. Several pieces of information have also pointed out that the couple was not going through their best moment and was in the process of divorce.

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