Hurts, a film that touches and hurts – 07/03/2023

Today’s subject is football, although it is also.

Today’s theme is the Chilean film Machuca that can be seen on Netflix.

The next 11th of September will mark the 50th anniversary of the bloody coup that overthrew the socialist government of Salvador Allende, three years after he was democratically elected.

The film tells the story of Pedro Machucca, a pre-adolescent from the slums, who studies for free at an elite school in Santiago and changes the life of his classmate Gonzalo Infante, from the upper middle class.

Everything takes place on the eve of the coup and after its consummation, with the bombing of the Palace of La Moneda.

And the film ends with Gonzalo’s mother’s lover, in his Mercedes Benz car, opening the newspaper El Mercurio, the most important in the country, with the following headline, while the killing of the resistance fighters was at its height: “FIFA announces to the world that life in Chile is normal”.

Hurt is a must.

Commentary for this Tuesday’s CBN Journal, March 7, 2023.

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