Humberto Martins clarifies rumors about the disease: ‘Liars’

Actor Humberto Martins vents about his health on social media clarifies rumors about serious illness

The actor Humberto Martins appeared on her social networks on the night of this Friday, 03/10, to deny the rumors about her physical health. Recently, there were rumors that he had Parkinson’s disease, which is a neurological disease, and that’s why he spoke out.

Humberto Martins

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/More Novela

Humberto shared a video on his official Instagram and wrote in the caption of the publication: “Clarification about lies in press releases today. Good night and great weekend everyone“. On the record, he stated about it being fake news and revealed that even his family was worried when they saw the fake news.

Hi everyone, stopping by to talk to you a little bit and clarify certain things there, because there are a lot of people worried, sending me WhatsApp news and looking for me, asking if I’m okay. And even people from my family, people who are worried, because some notes there, slanderous, lying, that are coming out in the press about my respect, about my state of health“, shot.

Living War, character of the soap opera Crossingfrom TV Globo, Humberto Martins said that his recording routine follows the same. “So, just clarifying here that I’m fine. I’m here in the dressing room recording Travessia and waiting. All right, I wanted to wish you all a good night and a great weekend.“, finished.

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