Hugo Guillamón: “They have told me that he steps on it, the referee himself says so”

The Valencia player analyzed the defeat against FC Barcelona by the minimum and the penalty not called at 85′ against the Valencian team

Moment of the expulsion of Araújo in FC Barcelona vs Valencia CF

Moment of the expulsion of Araújo in FC Barcelona vs Valencia CF ALEJANDRO GARCIA/EFE

Hugo Guillamón analyzed the 1-0 defeat against FC Barcelona, ​​in a game with a lot of history and not without controversy, especially at the end of the game, with a penalty not given to Fran Pérez, with less than five minutes to go. end of the match. These were his words:


“The feeling that remains is that we could have gotten more out of here. It’s a very complicated field but I think the team has made a great effort. The goal has made the game uphill for us, but we haven’t lost face to the game and We have had options to scratch a point.”

Penalty not whistled

“Yes, it is a play on the side of the area, it gives me the feeling that he was going to whistle it, he has decided not to, but that is what the VAR is for. They have told me that he steps on it, that there is contact, the referee himself he says. In the end, he hasn’t whistled it so we’ll have to be whistled.”

Barcelona penalty

“I have not seen mine, yes it is true that it hits me in the hand, but I think I have it stuck. He has whistled it too quickly, the feeling is that he has seen it very clearly. If the VARLO has seen it and did not whistle is that it was not a penalty.”

team improvement

“Yes, that’s the feeling we have. We’ve changed the chip,’ at the end it’s what we have to do, all of us take a step forward and get out of this situation as soon as possible. We’re playing well and we have to think about the next game”.Lato explodes after the stolen penalty at the Camp Nou


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