How To Tell Which Red Lipstick Tone Is Right For You

Figuring out your skin tone might seem confusing, but it’s simpler than you may think. The key is to look beneath your skin by noticing what color your veins appear to be when looking at a part of your body where you can see them through the skin, like perhaps on the inside of your wrist (via Good Housekeeping). 

If your veins appear to be blue in color, then you have cool toned skin. If they appear to be more green in color, then you have warm toned skin. And if your veins appear to be both green and blue, or seem to be a bluish green, then you likely have neutral-toned skin. When choosing makeup, it’s a good idea to pick colors that have a complementary tone to your skin. Meaning, if you have cool-toned skin, choosing cosmetics that also have a cool tone is likely to help create a look that appears harmonious with your natural face. 

Where it comes to red lipstick specifically, how do you tell if a shade is cool, warm, or neutral?    

Post source: The List

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