“How do you want me to let that fagot pass”

TikTok It is a social network in which people usually upload a wide variety of content, but above all, people usually use it to make jokes, upload dances, recipes or tell funny moments. But other times also in a window to be able to express and recount not so happy moments and somehow try to do justice.

This is what he has done tiktoker Helio Roque in his official account. The young man wanted to tell an experience that he lived quite horrible in a nightclub in the city of Madrid. ”I was already playing to tell an episode of homophobia in my life”, were the words he used to start telling the event.

He said that they went to a disco in Moncloa for a friend’s birthday. ‘It was a hole to be more specific’ ‘, she said. ”They kicked me out for being a fag,” she confessed. The young man recounted that he went out into the street to get some fresh air and there were several doors but no one put the seal on it. Asking him to put the stamp on it, the man told him: “I don’t put anything on you.”

Helio tried to explain that he was inside the party, but the door refused to let him in and pushed him and told him to leave. His brother arrived and began to talk to the door. ”How do you want me to let this fag in again,” the door said to his brother. The brother answered him and the port smacked him.

helium roque


Meanwhile another friend also tried to defend him but the door also attacked him. In the end they were offered to come back in with a free drink. Helio, all he wanted was for that site to shut down and that man get fired. With this video, Helio wanted to tell all his followers not to go to that site.

”It seems like we’re pretty far along and stuff, but no, there’s still a lot of scum out there. And fortunately I’m fine and nothing has happened to us. It hasn’t been serious but nothing should have happened at all,” concluded the tiktoker.

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