hides the ball from him and pushes him before missing the penalty

He Barcelona Soccer Club keep sending in The league with great forcefulness. His victory over Valencia in it Camp Nou in a game marked by controversy and the draw of the real Madrid during his visit to the field of Betis, they made the difference between the two teams stretch to 9 points, the maximum income that the culés have had so far in the championship.

However, the triumph of the Catalans was not all good news since, apart from the penalty committed by kessie and not marked by Alberola Rojas, there was another controversial action but this time between colleagues. The protagonists were ferran torres and Ansu Fatiwho did not leave an image of too much camaraderie in the moments prior to the penalty in favor of the one enjoyed by the culés.

A clear hand within the Valencian area, a shot from Koundé ended in a maximum sentence favorable to the Barca. That’s when the discussion started. Without Lewandowski In the field, the man who usually takes penalties, Ferran Torres quickly took control of the ball to take charge of launching from 11 meters, but found the answer from Ansu Fati.

The Barcelona youth squad player approached Ferran Torres’s position and asked him for the ball so he could take the shot from the fateful spot. However, far from conversing like good teammates, the ex from Valencia hid the ball from Ansu Fati behind his back and, at the insistence of the ’10’, even gave him a little push with his hip to get him out of reach .

Seeing the tense moment that was taking place between the two FC Barcelona footballers, other teammates went to the place of the discussion to try to calm down. One of them was Kessie, who even spoke with Ferran Torres, while raphinha He also appeared there to try to make peace reign.

Ansu’s gesture

Finally, Ansu Fati he gave up his attempt to be the one to take that penalty and left the responsibility to ferran torres. Both were in need of a goal, one due to injuries and the other because he was constantly in the crosshairs due to his poor nose for the rival goal.

The previous discussion misled Ferran because he ended up missing the penalty. The ex-valencianista wanted to adjust his cross shot so much that he ran into the post and then the ball went directly out without it Mamardashvili I didn’t even have to intervene.

The best came in the seconds after. Ansu Fati, who had left resigned and crestfallen when he was left without taking that penalty, was the first player of the barca who went to meet Ferran Torres to give him encouragement for his ruling. Thus, the culé youth squad showed that he did not hold a grudge against his teammate despite the discussion of the previous moments.

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