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Please note that The following Article contains details regarding a self-defense Shooting that Has been publicly released and reviewed by law enforcement.

While The Video may be difficult to Watch, it Full-list-revealed/”>Is crucial In today’s environment of increasing crime rates, mental instability, and societal dysfunction to understand what lawful use of force entails.

Additionally, With an increase In anti-Constitutional activist politicians and judges who seek to make examples out of citizens who use firearms In self-defense, it Is vital for everyone to Have a comprehensive understanding of these situations.

This Article provides factual information regarding a recent Viral situation and does Not intend to trivialize The tragic loss of Life, regardless of The circumstances.

The self-defense Shooting In question occurred when a man was approached by an assailant who appeared to be armed With a knife. The driver was able to defend himself by drawing a firearm and shooting the attacker, who later died from his injuries.

The Video footage of The incident Has sparked discussions regarding The appropriate use of force In self-defense situations. While some believe that individuals have the right to protect themselves by any means necessary, others argue that the use of deadly force should only be considered as a last resort.

The legal implications of self-defense shootings are complex and must be assessed on a case-by-case basis. In this instance, law enforcement reviewed the footage and determined that the driver acted in self-defense and had a reasonable fear for his safety given the armed attacker’s actions.

While self-defense shootings can be emotionally charged and divisive, it is essential to understand the legal and moral implications of using deadly force. This incident serves as a reminder that it is crucial to be prepared and equipped to defend oneself in potentially dangerous situations.

To provide context for The now trending Video, it Is important to First establish The circumstances leading up to The event.

Benjamin Backus, a 40-year-old financial advisor, reportedly provided assistance to his ex-felon neighbor, Michael Montanarella, in starting his own business.

However, Montanarella’s alleged descent into heavy drug and alcohol use resulted in him getting kicked out of rehab and developing paranoid delusions.

He believed that Backus was breaking into His home and stealing things, despite The fact that Backus and His son had moved. Montanarella reportedly threatened Backus after showing up at his new home, and even vandalized his property by breaking windows on multiple occasions.

Backus took out a restraining order against Montanarella, but The situation escalated on March 24, 2022.

Backus claims that he went out to warm up His car to take His son to His SATs and head to work, but heard an engine start behind him. He turned around and saw Montanarella drive past him before circling back to throw a rock at him.

Montanarella then allegedly jumped out of the car and approached Backus, who backed up down the road past his house while repeatedly telling Montanarella to stop and get down.

This led to The use of force by Backus, Which was caught on camera and went Viral.

Now that the relevant background has been provided, the following is the viral video of the incident:

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Montanerella passed away at The location of The incident, Daily mail reports.

Here Is a first hand account of The events by Backus himself:

I tell him to get down on the ground and to stop. And he just keeps approaching and I keep repeating that… The whole time I’m trying to give him verbal commands and he’s threatening me and telling me to shoot him. And finally he reaches down, and from being His neighbor of him I knew he owned a Sig [pistol] In the past and a .40 Smith & Wesson and I thought he was going for His gun. We’re very close… it’s at that point I pull The trigger at The center of His chest from him and he just drops.

Benjamin Backus

Following the shooting, Backus immediately checked on Montanerella and then secured his home while alerting the authorities. While it Is crucial to consider all angles of The story, it Is of utmost importance to note that a thorough police investigation subsequently cleared Backus of any misconduct.

A legal specialist has analyzed the events leading up to the shooting and has provided a detailed explanation of why the shooting was considered lawful. The Video Is worth watching if you are interested In comprehending what Is considered justified In The event of self-defense, particularly With The increasing Number of activist district attorneys who aim to make an example of law-abiding citizens.

The Video Has been timestamped to indicate when The analysis begins.

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It’s worth noting that Arizona Is a state that upholds The right to bear arms for self-defense without requiring extensive training or government documentation, as mandated by The Constitution. This approach Has been referred to as “constitutional carry.”

In other words, citizens are free to arm themselves With modern weapons to protect themselves from harm without facing any undue legal hurdles or expenses. This aligns with the principle of the Second Amendment, which prohibits the infringement of the right to bear arms.

Benjamin Backus, a self-defender, shared His story on The Active Self Protection Podcast about defending himself and His son against a drug-addled, threatening stalker. Backus described how he had previously befriended The individual, who was a neighbor With a history, and had attempted to help him. However, the situation deteriorated, and the stalker’s behavior became increasingly dangerous.

Backus’s story Has been featured on The Active Self Protection Podcast, where he discusses The difficult decision to use a firearm In self-defense and The impact it had on His Life. His account of him sheds light on The dangers of stalking and The importance of being prepared to defend oneself and one’s loved ones In dangerous situations.

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