Heartless Youtuber Buys Food For Homeless Man and Eats It In Front Of Him, Netizens React (VIDEO)

A heartless Youtuber has exhibited a cruel move with a Youtube video he just shared online.

The Youtuber was in Los Angeles, California when he approached a homeless man on the street.

He quizzed the man as to if he would want something to eat.

He went to an eatery and got him some food, however, he refused to hand over the food to the homeless man.

So cruel of him, he ate the food right in front of the homeless man.

Netizens reacted:

heartless youtube eat homeless man food


“That’s his food tho! Is he obliged to give? it’s ayt if he changes he’s mind.”


“Karma is going to take care of this for us don’t worry.

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, it’s coming tho”


“I mean it is his food … that he bought with his own money, can’t be mad at him for enjoying his Wendy’s meal”

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