‘Hate moment’ after dating Sonza motivated me as an artist

Vitão, 23, was recently happy to be the subject of social media for something beyond his personal life. Always talked about either because of his turbulent relationship and breakup with Luísa Sonza, 24, or because of his sexuality, he saw a video in which he risks a guitar performance. The record earned him a lot of praise, both amateur and professional.

“I was very happy to see people talking about something that has to do with music. I missed people talking about me as a musician. To evaluate me as a musician, artist, instrumentalist”, he celebrated, in a chat with Zeca Camargo on the show Splash Interview.

“The guitar has always been my greatest passion. I started dealing with strings long before I started composing and singing. Some experiences with theater made me able to sing from the age of 14 – but, until then, my life was guitar and guitar” , recalls the boy.

‘I’ve lived a lot in these five years’

Active since 2018, Vitão considers that he already has a considerable baggage regarding fame, both for good and for bad. Even with little time on the road, he believes he has been able to learn and evolve with each of the experiences that the recognition of his art has given him.

“As much as it is a short career, I feel that I’ve lived a lot in these five years. I’ve been to many places, met many people, made many dreams come true…”, lists the boy. “It brought me maturity, today at 23 years old – for some things, because for others I still see myself as a kid.”

Controversial relationship with Luísa Sonza

One of the most difficult moments of this trajectory certainly involved the beginning of his relationship with Luísa Sonza, his girlfriend between 2020 and 2021. At the time, Vitão was mistakenly appointed as the pivot of the end of her marriage to comedian Whindersson Nunes, the which motivated several attacks against him and against Luísa herself.

“It’s a period I remember a lot, at various times, because it’s periods like that, of greater difficulty, that make us stronger.” Despite so many turbulences, he believes that this phase brought him important lessons. “Dealing with this moment of hatred, of being away from the public, something that I hadn’t had until then in my life, made me want to develop myself artistically as well.”

The admiration for his former partner, Vitão is keen to emphasize, remains to this day. “I always thought Luísa was a genius artist. She’s very quick, very intelligent. Sometimes I saw her talking to people and I learned from how wise she is in this regard. I admire her a lot, in every way.”

fluid sexuality

It was the courage gained from such experiences that allowed the artist to speak openly about the process of personal rediscovery he went through over the past year. Vitão even posed with makeup in some photos and, without labeling himself, confessed that he was ‘understanding his own sexuality in other ways’.

“I always liked to have this irreverence, to talk about subjects that people usually throw under the rug. I didn’t think much about the consequences. I have many friends and friends who have always coexisted [bem] with this subject, very naturally. I grew up with that in my head, that it’s not that important, “he explains.

He understands, however, the shock his statements may have caused in more conservative fans. “Because I was placed at the beginning of my career as a straight boy, in relationships with women, it might have been a little strange. [para parte do público] that other moment of discovery that I went through. But nowadays I feel like it’s more relaxed.”

New album coming

With the controversies that permeated his exposure to the media largely overcome, Vitão’s focus now turns to what he really values: music. The artist is preparing to release a new album, which is already in the finalization phase.

“90% of the album is produced by me. It’s an album where I I am giving freedom to browse through styles such as hard 1980s rock, which I’ve always listened to, but had never released anything in that vein. It brings things very different from what I already did then, “he promises.

“I’m always extremely autobiographical in my compositions. I’m right on the final stretch, making the last adjustments. It’s been a lot of work, because it’s the first time I’ve brought a record with so many organic elements. Most of the record is recorded organically, with the musician playing,” he adds.

Cabin Candidate? “I’ve never watched the BBB”

With so much work, it is not surprising that the rumors that he would be part of this year’s Camarote at the BBB did not materialize. Vitão claims that he was never actually invited to the program, even though he was exhaustively questioned about this possibility.

“In the last two months, every three minutes someone would ask me that question. To be very honest, I’ve never watched the BBB. I don’t even know exactly how it works”, admits the artist. Even so, he does not highlight participating in the reality show in the future.

“Today, I have a lot of work to do, I wouldn’t even have time. I want to establish myself as an artist, a musician, before anything else, so that maybe one day, if I receive this invitation at another time in my life, I’ll think it makes sense or no [aceitar]”, glimpse.

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