Green light from investors to 1,500 million for Espai Barça

He FC Barcelona It had been set this March 31 to get the final ‘ok’ from investors to finance the Espai Barça. And everything seems to go on schedule. As reported by La Vanguardia this Saturday, Barça already has a green light and a formal commitment from investors who will contribute the 1,500 million euros that the project will cost. A financing that has been led by Goldman Sachs next to JP Morgan.

According to the information cited, the club model and the management of laporta It is questionable for future creditors, but as it is a long-term project and comforted by the income generated by the new facilities, they have convinced investors to give the definitive yes and the financing has not been jeopardized.

Nor did it convince investors, nor did it convince the award of the works of the project of the Espai Barça to Limak, a Turkish construction company with no experience in sports stadiums and would have cost an increase in the interest rate above 0.25, reaching almost 6% with a term of 26 years.

In addition, the institutional situation of the club, with the Negreira Case in full swing, has not made it easy either and the future creditors awaited explanations from President Laporta, which did not arrive. Always although according to LV, it has created concern, but at no time has it endangered the investment.

Form of financing and renegotiate after 5 years

From now on, the money will be provided as the project progresses and there will be a control by the international real estate consultancy Jones Lang Lasalle, which acts on behalf of the financing leader, the Goldman Sachs bank.

Therefore, the Barcelona it will receive the 1,500 million in different items, although 180 million will go directly to amortize the part that it paid at the time Godman Sachs for the first part of the project Espai Barça (the works of the Mini and the demolition of the third tier of the Camp Nou).

In these last days, the last fringes are being closed, while from the meeting of the Barcelona It has been requested that from the fifth year part of the credit can be renegotiated in order to qualify for lower interest rates.

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