Grant Gustin records last scene as ‘The Flash’ and publishes farewell: ‘I gave it all I had’

Actor shared behind the scenes of the end of the recordings; series comes to an end in season nine

After nearly ten years, Grant Gustin filmed his last scene in The Flash. Last Tuesday night, the 7th, the actor published a farewell to the production, which will come to an end with the conclusion of the ninth season.

Even if the plot sounds childish in many moments, the series was able to explain some complex DC Comics concepts, such as the Multiverse and time travel. It has two seasons available.

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In the publication, he shared behind the scenes of his last day of recording, as well as a click next to his daughter – who had her face covered – by his wife, Andrea.

“I said goodbye to The Flash and my family from The Flash on Saturday. A very special day, with moments that I will take with me for the rest of my life. My family got to see my last scene as The Flash – this is something I could never have imagined almost ten years ago when I started this journey,” he wrote.

The actor continued, explaining details of the recorded scene: “This first photo here is moments before my final scene (which was the Flash running). I had the chance to thank the team, who worked more hours than anyone can imagine and it is the reason why we were able to make 184 episodes of The Flash“.

Gustin said he will miss the conversations and laughs he exchanged with fellow cast and crew between shoots. “Regardless of how challenging that journey was at times, I know I’ve laughed every day at work for the last nine years. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I’ve grown a lot on that journey,” he said.

Still in his text, he revealed that he felt that, at times, he did not deserve the opportunity given to him to play the hero. For that, he thanked the producers, writers and crew for believing in him.

“I made a lot of friends and I’m sure many of us will be in each other’s lives forever. Thanks to the fans who stayed passionate about our show for nine seasons. The show has gone through a lot of changes, but a lot of people have stayed with us through it all,” he wrote.

The actor said he looks forward to meeting fans of the series around the world or even at conventions, and concluded: “Honored to have had the chance to play this iconic character. I gave absolutely everything I had. That’s it for now.”

The final season of The Flash began airing in the United States in February. In Brazil, the series is broadcast on Warner Channel, but the first eight seasons are available on Netflix.

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