‘Girl with the Scorpion Tattoo’ identified after 32 years

Christine Belusko, left, and daughter Christa Nichol, in an age-progressed image. (Richmond County District Attorney’s Office)

More than three decades after the handcuffed, partially clothed, beaten, strangled and burned body of the “Girl with the Scorpion Tattoo” was found in a vacant lot in Staten Island, authorities have a name, thanks to forensic genealogy.

Christine Belusko was identified as the victim of a brutal murder. Her remains of her were found in September 1991 in a vacant lot. She was wearing a dress and sneakers, two gold chains, and a watch. She also had a scorpion tattoo on her right buttocks.

A hammer was recovered at the scene. No suspects were identified.

The case has long troubled law enforcement in Staten Island and was followed with great sorrow and public intrigue across the borough and beyond. At the time, she had a 2-year-old daughter, Christa Nicole.

Now authorities are trying to track down Belusko’s killer and her daughter.

“This is a story about a brutal and depraved murder, depraved acts of violence that killed this young girl in her prime and the dumping of her body in a lonely and desolate field,” Richmond County District Attorney Michael McMahon said in a news conference. “She became known as the ‘Girl with the Scorpion Tattoo.’”

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