Giovana Madalosso: Bury me with my audios – 03/12/2023 – Giovana Madalosso

Want to see people disagree on an issue? Ask who likes audio messages. I tried this at a friend’s party, and the conversation went so far that, if it had been an audio file, at a certain point I would have pressed 2x to finish it faster.

Yes, I’m one of those who accelerate the business. Who already wish the evolution of the species would drive a 2x into the forehead of the next generation of humans so I never have to hear a relative tell about their 1x gallbladder operation again.

The world is not the same after the audios. I dare say we are even developing new storytelling skills. Gone was the telephone conversation, interrupted by the interlocutor’s questions, and the monologue entered, transforming everyone into instantaneous dramatists of their own existence, very few, unfortunately, endowed with the talent of Shakespeare.

But we are training. And the length of the message reveals a lot about each one’s personality. There are those who feel so bad about sending audio that they end up lengthening the file, apologizing so much for sending audio. At the other end is the guy you’ve never seen, whose name is nothing more than a phone number and yet feels free to pour an ocean of sound waves into your ear. I disapprove but I also admire: how I would like to have a self-esteem so lubricated.

With close friends, texting feels like a therapy session. You vent and the other is just listening, at the most unusual times, as if a couch appeared next to him in the gym or in the bathroom.

Humanity can already be divided into two groups: those who like or dislike audios. Among those who like, those who like to send and receive and those who just like to send. Obviously most.

I thought I was part of that last group until last month, when I got Covid and was completely isolated for ten days. In an afternoon of body aches and loneliness, I don’t quite know how, I slipped into some old messages. In one, my daughter said she was homesick. In another, my companion said: “I’m coming with the wine”. I don’t know in what context these audios were sent, and it doesn’t matter, I enjoyed hearing precisely the random fragments, as if I were discovering fossils of a living life.

I thought that when I die, I want to be buried with most of my audio. I can stay forever listening to the laughs and sighs of the one I love or even a stranger saying: “Giovana, we have news for you”. And all this in the wisdom of 1x.

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