Georgina Rodríguez poses on social networks with the most expensive bag in the world

It’s no secret. Georgina Rodríguez and Cristiano Ronaldo spare no expense. The couple usually indulges in expensive treats from time to time, and a clear example are the bags worn by the businesswoman. Georgina is a great lover of fashion – yes, she herself assured it in her documentary I’m Georgina, in a mythical phrase that will go down in the future: “I love Louis Vuitton, I love Decathlon” – and specifically bags. The model is a fan of models birkin, iconic but also inaccessible. With one of them he has posed in his latest publications, related to a raffle on social networks.

The influencer is known for combining the most refined luxury accessories with informal and sporty looks. Her best allies for this are handbags, accessories that she does not hesitate to share with her followers through raffles like the one she has just published on her Instagram account, to celebrate the imminent premiere of the season. 2 of I’m Georgina.

Georgina boasts of her model in crocodile skin

Instagram / georginagio

As we said, exclusive bags are one of its downfalls. A few weeks ago, the influencer recovered the crocodile skin model from her closet. In a photo shared on Instagram, the model was in a limousine, on her way to the match with which her partner debuted that same night with the Saudi team. Al-Nassr shirt, skinny pants, heels and the most expensive bag in the world. that was his looks So, a very common pattern in your profile.

Georgina is a big fan of the bag birkin. The plugin’s history dates back to 1984, when Jean-Louis Dumas, then director of Hermes, coincided on a plane with the actress Jane Birkin. The two had a friendly conversation after the artist complained that her bag was so tiny that nothing could fit inside it. Dumas had a lightening moment and when he arrived at his workshop he began to design the bag in the perfect size. From this experience arose the piece, which bears the name of birkin in honor of the interpreter.

The manufacturing process of the birkin It is extremely complex, and it can take up to five weeks. They are made to suit the customer, so it is impossible to find them in stores Hermes. As we said, it is one of the most exclusive pieces on the market, and they are made with a rare traditional leather. They are usually large and decorated with a compartment in which any essential can fit. The model birkin best seller is the large one, with 40 centimeters long. Georgina herself has sported this style several times.

But Georgina’s not the only one. celebrity who has worn the most expensive bag in the world. We have also seen them on the shoulders of other prominent names, such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez or Victoria Beckham, among others. And it is that as the slogan of his own realityGeorgina used to sell bags, now she collects them.

Promotion of ‘I’m Georgina’

‘Gio’ revolutionizes the networks with his new raffle

Also, with a bag you have to see your next giveaway on Instagram. I’m Georgina It will return to Netflix on March 24 with a second season. The promotional video anticipates that we will see Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner in events such as the Latin Grammys and we will live with her the best and worst moments of her life, such as her pregnancy or the loss of one of her twins during childbirth.

“Let’s go for the double,” announces the platform with a poster in which Georgina takes out a red credit card. The promotion of the docuseries is not leaving anyone indifferent and as part of it, the influencer has published a raffle. With the hashtag #DameUnBolsoGeorgina, the model’s fans will be able to opt for a bag made with the canvas material that promotes her program from Madrid’s Gran Vía. In it you can read “before he collected bags, now he gives them away”. A most extravagant promotional campaign, at the height of the hostess.

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