G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009) Film Explained | Humans turning into Superior Soldiers

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009) -Humans turning into Super Soldiers by sci fi costume and experiments. This  Action movie explained . The American Action Thriller film “GI Joe Rise of Cobra” story summarized with a complete ending explanation. The plot is about a high nanotech-based weapon created by an arms dealer named ‘James.’ So he refers to elite military unit soldiers for escorting it to safe place. For this ‘Ripcord’ and ‘Duke’ both depart to deliver the weapon warheads. However, they are attacked by the opponents, which includes a super soldier girl. The enemy is a nefarious organization known as Cobra. In this thrilling situation, they are entrapped but rescued by a daring team known as the “GI Joe” team, which is the most powerful soldiers group whose members are fully trained killers with unique super abilities and the most technological weapons. Here Duke and his companion are also decided to enroll in GI Joe and undergo the rigorous training required to become a soldier. They also receive a super hero suit, which allows them to run faster and make longer jumps.

Later, it is revealed that the weapon dealer “James” is double crossing and is the perpetrator of this attack. In reality, he intended to use these warheads in their missiles to destroy the capitals of numerous countries. He desired to wield power over the World by scaring people. However, “Duke” and his partner who are next generation soldiers now, tries to flop his plan and cover the entire situation.

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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009) Film Explaination


“G.I Joe” is such a team which resolves those problems,
Which is not tackled by the military.
It has technological weapons and a strong military.
And this military is led by “General Hawk”.
Each member of this team has his own powers and abilities.
Now the movie starts showing the time of 1641 in France.
Where a man is being punished.
That man deceives ruler. He used to sell the same weapons to ruler and his enemies at the same time .
That man was in rage after being punished.
And he was also speaking ill for the ruler.

He was also saying with it that my men will take my revenge.
The soldiers are angry and they make him put on the fire mask, arranging it.
And they punish him that he will be imprisoned with the same mask.
Then the movie moves to the present time.
Where a weapon master “James ” is seen.
Who was telling about his invention in a meeting.
He had created such nanotech based weapon which could destroy anything or the whole city at a time.
His weapon was employed by the kill switch on a device
“General Hawk” also comes on the scene in this meeting.
Who likes those weapons. And he purchases that weapon from him.
Scene turns and the soldiers “Duke” and “Ripcord” are seen.
Who had arrived to take the weapons from James’ company.
They had a strict security to take those weapons.

The night falls before they reach their assigned location.
And “Ripcord” tells “Duke” reaching a place that our landing place has arrived.
But this place is abandoned. “Duke” is worried, observing it.
And he makes all security active. Meantime, a strange jet flies there.
Their radiolocation remains null to detect that aircraft because of its fast speed.
A girl named “Ana” along with her team gets off that airplane.
Seeing them , Nato troops attack them.
But the most astonishing fact was that there was no effect on them by anything.
A war is held among them and “Ripcord” is injured.
“Duke” leaves after rescuing him. And the girl “Ana” who had got off the aircraft,
She begins to flee, stealing the weapon case.

But “Duke” catches him. Here Ana’s soldiers begin to catch “Duke” from the backside.
And “Ana” fights with him. It is seen in this scene that one more airplane is appeared.
G.I Joe member “Snake Eyes ” comes out of it.
And he begins to end all enemies coordinating with “Duke”.
One more aircraft appears to lift “Ana” up.
“Ana” was leaving with the weapon case but “Duke” takes it back from her.
“Snake Eyes” asks “Duke” that weapon case but he does not return it.
Then they make his contact with “General Hawk”.
He was not getting any point. So they take him into a desert of Egypt.
There is also Duke’s partner “Ripcord” along with him.
They are communicating in the aircraft.

Where they come to know that “Snake Eyes” does not speak.
Then their aircraft reaches to a basement area.
Where “General hawk” shows them the military base.
“General Hawk” informs them that each member of G I Joe is fully trained.
And he also tells that,
Their team can face any chaos of the World because of their team’s’ unbelievable power and weapons.
“James” is again seen who had created this weapon.
“James” had only arrived to check that weapon.
Because “Duke” tells him that someone has cheated them.
And the location has revealed before the enemies.
“James” detects that weapon but he feels nothing as such.

Because the matter of fact was this “James” himself had cheated them.
He wanted to get those weapons back after selling it to the sovereign.
So he may use weapon for his personal pursuit.
And it is also revealed to us here that,
“Ana” had also the companionship with “James”.
“James” again assigns “Ana” to bring back that weapon.
He also sends his special attendant along with her.
So he may get weapon. “James” was just doing it to take the power of the World under his control.
Who had his own military base which was under the Arctic.
Where he used to control his weapons and military.

He was building such an army for his mission who feels not the pain of any type.
It is revealed when they conduct a cobra bite experiment on a soldier.
Shockingly, Cobra poison is released from his body in spite of infecting.
G. I Joe team is investigating about “Ana”.
Then “Duke” tells them that “Ana” has been his ex fiance.
And his brother was in military. But there has not been contacted him for the last 4 years.
Now “Duke” and “Ripcord” were going to the team of G.I Joe.
Some military dresses are given to them to them which were so technological.
They escaping speed could also be enhanced through this.
And they could also jump of any type stunningly.
The training of “Duke” and “Ripcord” start here.
And they both were performing very well.

Here “Duke” is brought to confront “Snake Eyes” during the training.
“Snake Eyes” wins this fight here. And they know that he has not lost any fight till now.
Now “Duke” again decides to confront “Snake Eyes”.
Because he wanted to show his powers.
He eventually defeats “Snake Eyes” at this time.
Consequently, their mentor gets excited.
They are also provided the Naval Special Warfare training.
It is seen in the next scene that “General Hawk” tells them that,
That they both have succeeded in the trial.
Now the scene moves to “Ana” who enters G.I Joe military base.
They injure the security and “General Hawk” ,attacking them.
And they begin to escape after searching the warheads,
That “General” wakes up. And he presses the emergency button.

So the whole military is activated through it. And they also destroy their drilling cars.
Now their battle starts with G I Joe team.
“Snake Eyes” tackles Ana’s special attendant.
While G I Joe’s one female team member tackles “Ana”.
They fight with “Ana” and other opposition perfectly .
And Ana’s special attendant flies away with “Ana” while converting his dress into a rocket.
It is seen in the next scene that they are near “James”.
And he orders “Ana” , Load the warheads to some capitals of the countries.
G I Joe team’s scene is shown. They get all information about “Ana” here.
And they also know that they can find her in “Paris” now.
It is also revealed to them that “Ana” is now a wife of a scientist.

Who was going to be used by James’ team. They make that weapon load by Ana’s husband.
Later, they kill her husband. G.I Joe team wanted to stop the destruction of the World.
So they pursue the men of “James”.
“Snake Eyes” and all his members attempt to stop them.
But they cannot stop them for a long time.
At last, “Ana” fires ion them through her modified car.
But they reach towards them while saving themselves.
At last, they get courage to devastate their car.
In spite of it “Ana” and her companions escape from there.
They eventually launch their missile to the “Eiffel Tower”, reaching the top of building.
And the root of the “Eiffel Tower” is eliminated.

The nanomites were creating havoc which were falling from tower.
But “Duke” shrewdly jumps on their airplane from a building top.
And he deactivates the device of that weapon.
But “Eiffel Tower” is demolished because of ruined roots.
And they also abduct “Duke” with it.
It is seen when “Duke” is tormenting in the military base of “James” that,
“Ana” is recalling her past. It is realized through it that,
“James” has held sway over her for this mission.
The sight of G.I Joe’s team is shown.

Their one of the team members detect their military base through the soldier of James’ brain signal.
And they immediately move to their base which is under Arctic, preparing their team.
As a result, they get the path to enter their military base under Arctic.
On the other side, “General Hawk” also activates all soldiers.
“James” was going to attack the capitals of the countries to create the fear among the people.
G.I Joes scene is again shown who enters while ending the security of them.
They glimpse an aircraft in the military base here.
“Duke” is again shown on whom scientist was going to adjust the chip on him, .
Unmasking himself, he exposes that I am Ana’s brother.

Whom you were thinking dead. Contrarily, it is seen that “James” launches those missiles.
“G . I .Joes notice it from outside. Meanwhile, “Snake Eyes” stops a missile , coming there.
Then the aircraft which was seen in the military base,
He flies in it to stop that missile, taking it. And the remaining members of Joes attack inside.
And “General Hawk” asks the rest of the military to attack from outside.
“Ana” rescues “Duke”. But “Duke” realizes that “Ana” is also under their control.
And he also frees “Ana”, taking the device from there.
Now the scene turns to “White House” where they know about this attack.
And they decide to shift the president somewhere.
One of the members of “James” fires his gun on everyone.

James’ base is again shown where “Snake Eyes” battles with James’ special attendant.
In it, “Snake Eyes” defeats him while killing.
Now “Duke” comes on the scene who is succeeded to stop two missiles,
But his target is missed when he is going to attack in the end.
And he fires a device. As a result, all that aircraft’s nanobite comes to his aircraft.
Now he flies his aircraft out of the clouds.
So Earth may not be targeted. And he explodes that aircraft before coming out with the help of parachute.
On the other side, it is seen that G.I Joe team has ended James’ whole team.
And they have also succeeded to protect the Earth.
Now they are prepared for the new mission.
And the movie completes on this scene.


G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra – Score from the Motion Picture

Soundtrack album by Alan Silvestri
Released August 4, 2009
Recorded Sony Sound Stage, Fox Sound Stage
Genre Film score
Length 71:41
Label Varèse Sarabande


From WikiPedia

Directed by Stephen Sommers
Screenplay by
  • Stuart Beattie
  • David Elliot
  • Paul Lovett
Story by
  • Michael B. Gordon
  • Stuart Beattie
  • Stephen Sommers
Based on G.I. Joe
by Hasbro
Produced by
  • Lorenzo di Bonaventura
  • Brian Goldner
  • Bob Ducsay
Cinematography Mitchell Amundsen
Edited by
  • Bob Ducsay
  • Jim May
Music by Alan Silvestri
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date
Running time
118 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $175 million
Box office $302.5 million




#1. How long is GI Joe The Rise of Cobra?
Ans. : 1h 58m

#2. Who died in GI Joe Rise of Cobra?
Ans. : Duke

#3. Is G.I. Joe 3 coming out?
Ans. : 28 March 2013 (India)



” This movie has enough slasher as well as plenty of action; it’s like a sped-up bigger version that’s very awesome. The rise and fall of the Cobra group, as well as the thrilling super hero fun of the GI Joes. “

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