Fundación Mapfre celebrates March 8 with free admission to its centers in Madrid and Barcelona

On the occasion of the celebration of International Women’s Day next Wednesday, March 8, Fundación Mapfre will offer free admission throughout the day at its headquarters in Madrid and Barcelona.

In addition, guided tours of the Ilse Bing and Anastasia Samoylova exhibitions have been organized. Image Cities (Barcelona), with the aim of offering an approach to the artists, their life, and their work.

These visits will revolve around the parallels of these two women who are passionate about photography and architecture and who, in their corresponding periods, capture the lights and shadows of cities with the necessary elements to create authentic visual poetry.

Ilse Bing, a historian of photography, captured in her snapshots the shallow lines of the Bauhaus, the vitality and cultural turmoil of Paris, and the overwhelming character of New York architecture. Samoylova’s images, for their part, express the ambivalences and contradictions of the current urban landscape: while cities try to promote their individuality, their spaces move towards a generic scenario in which the specific image of each city loses its uniqueness in the architecture of anonymous steel and glass.

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