From Harry Kane to Julen Guerrero: stardom without winning anything

Harry Kane (London, 29 years old) ends his contract in 2024 and, as has been the tradition with the English striker, information about his future is uncertain. He is celebrating his 10th uninterrupted season in the Tottenham first team, although he has belonged to the club since he joined their academy at the age of 11. A sort of ‘one club man’ (although he was on loan at Leyton, Milwall, Norwich and Leicester) who is the history of the ‘Spurs’. However, he is the top scorer for the north London club and has everything in his power to achieve it with the England team (right now tied with Rooney). One of the best strikers of the 21st century… with a blank record as far as titles are concerned.

Nor does it seem that this season will be able to reverse that situation that it has reached, in part, due to fidelity to its colors. Once again, many of the greats in Europe are making noise pending the situation of a player who, after the recent elimination of his team in the Champions League, has already declared that opting ‘only’ for the top-4 of the Premier is an “insufficient” goal. Even so, he does not rule out the renewal, no matter how much his stay in the club of his life has not brought him any title in the absolute category.

“You never know what the future will bring, but my dream has always been to win titles here. This is my home, I grew up here and grew up as a footballer”, the striker has stated on occasion, that he has never achieved the objective of increasing the showcases of Tottenham, a team that They have not won a trophy since the 2008 League Cup, four years before Kane joined the first team. Runner-up in Cup, League and even Champions, Kane is part of a select club of stars in this sport with the ‘dubious’ honor of not having raised any collective recognition of importance. Here are other examples:

Julen Guerrero

The case of the English striker is reminiscent of Julen Guerrero, an Athletic legend who preferred to be true to his colors than join other clubs with more titles. The pride of Lezama, who was named the best player in La Liga, only has a runner-up finish in 1997/1998, despite being remembered as one of the best players of the 1990s.

Matt Le Tissier

The case of English is also similar. A player of extraordinary quality, who has endured over time and even today, 21 years after his retirement, he continues to be remembered and admired thanks in part to compilations of his best plays that exist on YouTube. His love for Southampton, in which he played from 1986 to 2002, a club that only has one FA Cup in 1976, prevented him from having a more successful record.

Giuseppe Signori

Despite being top scorer in Serie A three times and twice in the Coppa, Signori never won these titles. Although the trophy he came closest to was the 1994 World Cup, when Italy lost in the final on penalties to Brazil. A Lazio legend who could only win minor trophies like an Intertoto or a Serie B.

john haynes

Legend of English football from the 50s and 60s who came third in the Ballon d’Or. His quality, the chronicles say, impressed even Pelé himself, who went so far as to say that he was “the best passer” he had ever seen . That he rejected clubs like Arsenal or Milan to stay at Fulham deprived him of lifting prestigious titles.

bernd schneider

He is remembered as one of the highest quality German players ever, to the point of being known as ‘the German who played like a Brazilian’, but his lack of track record means that he is not included in the already unattainable German football Olympus. It could have been different if in the 90s the Leverkusen player had won the German league (two runners-up), the World Cup (lost to Brazil in the 2002 final), or the Champions League (lost to Real Madrid in 2002).

Dimitri Payet

The 35-year-old Frenchman from Olympique de Marseille is another example of an active player who, despite being considered one of the best of his generation, has yet to win a title. The runners-up in the 2018 Europa League (in which the Marseillaise club fell to Atlético) and Euro 2016 (Portugal beat France), the times he was closest.

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