Freedom for the two women who called a Venezuelan “machupichu” in Alicante

The two women involved in an alleged racist assault denounced by a Venezuelan citizen who was traveling in a car against which the first ones collided in Rojales They have been released this Monday after appearing before the Civil Guard and being investigated for a minor offense of injury. The lawyer for the two women, Jose Luis Sanchez Calvohas announced that those investigated, who availed themselves of their right not to testify before the Civil Guard, have also filed a complaint for injuries against the Venezuelan citizen, assuring that it was she who started the attack and that it was then when she took out her mobile phone to record them.

The Civil Guard has not initially accused the two women of a hate crime and the initial complaint in the open proceedings is for a minor crime of injury. The Armed Institute acts in accordance with a protocol and leaves it in the hands of the Prosecutor’s Office to carry out the legal classification of the facts, but it already specifies that it is a injury crime with indicators that presuppose the existence of a hate crime. In addition to these procedures, other different ones are instructed due to the traffic accident.

One of the two women, who filed the complaint with the Elche National Policehas also contributed a part of injuries.

As this newspaper published, Adriana Gonzalezof Venezuelan origin but resident in Spain for more than eight years, denounced on social networks the physical and verbal aggression he suffered after two women collided with his vehicle when they were driving in the opposite direction on a road in Rojales and under the influence of alcoholic beverages.


According to her version, they began to physically and verbally attack her, as well as her boyfriend, Adrián. In the video posted by the Instagram user @adrianescostablanca you can see how one of the women attacks González saying: “The police can come, I made a mistake and that’s it, nothing happens, but you are ‘machupichu’, You are an indigenous woman. The police are going to judge me for a traffic offense, but you are ‘machupichu’ and here in Spain you are a piece of garbage“.

The young Venezuelan woman uploaded several publications on social networks in which the alleged injuries from the alleged xenophobic aggression can be seen. According to this woman, she suffered a rectification of the cervical lordosis, bites, an edema in the back of her head and a sprained ankle.

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