Fred will be the main target of the Game of Discord

Photo: Disclosure/Globo/Poppoca Moderna

After the confusion on the wall this Sunday (5/3) on “BBB 23”, in which even the presenter Tadeu Schmidt faltered, a movement began to transform Fred Desimpedidos into the main target of this Monday’s Game of Discord (6/3) on Globe.

In conversation with Sarah Aline and Marvvila, Gabriel Santana said that Fred’s game was dubious and that got in the way of all of them, including leading Marvvila to burn himself with the whole group to avoid voting for Larissa. Also, it didn’t make sense for him to say that he put Sarah on Paredão to protect them.

“Either he’s being very naive or he’s blinded by emotion. He and Larissa think we were wrong in our position because they didn’t see theirs. They didn’t defend us 100%, they defended in a comfortable way”, Santana rebelled.

Sarah agreed with her friend. “He said he put me to relieve Bruna [Griphao] and Larissa, who didn’t want to vote for me. My c*, fuck*! I’m already on the wall! I really wanted to know how he would react if he heard what I heard. This makes me angry, makes me angry. The speech!” she snapped, remembering Fred’s justification for walling her in: to protect Marvvila.

Gabriel and Sarah also made Fred’s skull for Ricardo Alface, who was shocked to hear the gossip about the Leader.

The two revealed that Fred was considering an alliance with them, but it wasn’t that long ago. The conversation continued. “Days before, he said that he would rather vote for people in his group than vote for me. He said that to me”, said the psychologist.

“He said that to me two or three times,” confirmed the actor.

“What did he say?” asked Alfalfa. “He said: ‘I know I told you that I would put people in my group before you. And I really would. But right now I’m balancing reason and emotion,'” Sarah replied.

Lettuce fired: “Ah! But in the group he said that he had only said that when the group dismembered five weeks ago”. “He told me there at the gym [ontem]”, clarified the psychologist.

“Who would vote for people in our group before voting for the three of you? Oh, but this guy got pretty good. Because yesterday was one of the biggest fights there was here. Yesterday was a clash between me and him. He called me traitor”, reacted Alface, who also intends to squeeze him into Discord and indicate him to Paredão at the first opportunity.

“I don’t want to talk anymore. If I get the Leader, I’ll put it on Paredão. There’s no talk. I’m going to make that very clear”, warned Alface.

“The gladiators were fighting each other, and there were those who stayed up there drinking wine and eating bread, in a comfortable situation. Do you know what he said to me at the party? That his game is extremely comfortable. What is comfortable? That no goes to Paredão”, added the brother.

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