Fred and Ricardo break off their friendship; see other participants became rivals on the BBB

After a fight at dawn, Alface moved to Quarto Fundo do Mar and strengthened the feud between brothers

Fred and Ricardo break off friendship and make a shack at BBB:

The tension Post-Game of Discord at the BBB 23 reinforced the end of the friendship between Ricardo It is fred. The brothers left the dynamic in high spirits and the whole house got involved in the fight on Monday night, the 6th.

In the midst of the shouting, Alface spoke again of the veiled alliance between Fred, Larissa, Marvvila, Aline and Gabriel, while Fred accused the former ally of treason against the members of Quarto Deserto.

With so many jabs and accusations taking over the house these past few days, it’s hard to believe the brothers were an inseparable duo – literally. In the first week of the reality, the public chose the two to enter the program together and the physical proximity ended up strengthening the friendship in the first days.

After disagreements in the house, alliances formed outside the Fourth Desert and fights, the ‘brothering’ turned into rivalry. But this isn’t the first time BBB fans have seen this narrative play out.

Photo: Disclosure/Globo/Poppoca Moderna

Jade Picon and Arthur Aguiar from BBB 22 were also friends at the beginning of the game and even exchanged cards about strategy and protection in the game. The sister even promised Arthur an angel if he won the race and, when he was the leader, she told her brother that he was not at risk of going to Paredão.

What confused Arthur and part of the audience was that Jade’s nomination during leadership was precisely in the ‘bun’. From then on, the rivalry between the two only increased until they faced each other in a wall in which Jade Picon was eliminated by the public. To see the complete list, check out the video above!

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