France will create a new immigration detention center in the English Channel

Emmanuel Macron and Rishi Sunak have agreed this Friday to create a new detention center for irregular migrants in France, in the English Channel area. During the Franco-British summit held at the Elysée, it was also announced that the United Kingdom will pay 480 million pounds (about 540 million euros) to France, over the next three years, to help increase surveillance measures, in personnel and technology, against boat traffic. A part of this money will go towards the new detention center and the deployment of 500 additional French police officers on the beaches of the Pas de Calais.

During the press conference, Macron and Sunak have made an effort to lavish mutual good words and displays of affection, with the clear intention of leaving behind the years of tensions after Brexit and while Boris Johnson and Lizz Truss occupied number 10 Downing Street . Both have referred several times to “fresh start” in relationships. The two leaders have embraced twice. “Mercy, my friend”, said the British prime minister after its introduction. Macron spoke enough English during the press conference, as a deference to the guest and so that his message was clear to the British journalists present.

Paris and London will intensify defense cooperation and jointly develop new missiles

Franco-British cooperation in the immediate future will be very intense in defense and energy matters. The two countries want to develop new weapons such as a naval missile and a cruise missile, as well as anti-aircraft defense systems. Paris and London are aware of their role as nuclear powers and permanent members – and therefore with the right of veto – in the UN Security Council. The French company EDF will participate in the construction of a new British atomic power station, the Sizewell C project.

In the area of ​​immigration, both Macron and Sunak avoided the question of whether France will accept migrants returned from Great Britain under the very harsh and controversial new law that London is preparing. The priority for both is to improve the fight against trafficking mafias and reach a global pact in Europe to control flows.

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