Fran Pérez refused to leave in January and stayed to row

Valencia is in one of the most delicate sporting situations in its history. Tucked into the relegation zone, Rubén Baraja is trying to lift the team to avoid tragedy. His speech since he arrived oozes two things: responsibility and Valencianism. Pipo counts on everyone and wants everyone to give their all to get out of the hole. One of those who has taken a big step forward in this regard has been Fran Pérez, who despite his youth has enough courage to face the decisive stretch of the season and be important due to his revulsive and imbalance capacity.

The player is aware of the moment the club of his life is going through and wants to help get it afloat with the minutes they give him. It’s more, As SUPER has learned, he had the option to leave on loan in January due to a clause in his contract, which allowed him to leave unilaterally in case of having an offer, but decided to continue in Mestalla to row for salvation.

Valencia’s situation is not at all comfortable and at a training level a loan to the Second Division, a category from which he received several calls, seemed like a good option to continue his development and put his jump to the elite on track, but Fran preferred to continue. In fact, the footballer had a conversation with his father, the mythical Rufete, the night of the Copa del Rey elimination (five days after the closing of the market) to talk about the options they had and, in the midst of the entire crisis and a situation of maximum social and sporting tension, his answer was clear: “I’m staying to help even if it’s just playing for five minutes ».

booster of value

Fran is focused on it and the truth is that she is taking advantage of every opportunity she has been given. His ability to generate one-on-one through quality and a change of pace has brought freshness to Valencia in the final minutes of matches. The responsibility is not weighing on him nor is the pressure: he goes out onto the field to do what he has been doing for years in youth football, which is to tickle the rival sides. Something that takes on double value considering that the team is going through a stretch of the season in which it has been dark at an offensive level.

Against Getafe he was the main source of danger due to dribbling, crossing or demarques and a goal was disallowed due to a very fair offside. Against Real, the game demanded something else, but against Barça he was once again chosen as the main revulsive: this time thirty minutes ahead and again the player who contributed the most danger in the entire offensive zone. Kessié’s clear penalty that was not indicated to Valencia could have given the team a very valuable point and the play had the stamp of Fran: one against one that the Ivorian could only stop if he needed it.

closed renovation

Valencia executed the option to renew it on February 15 until 2026, but the announcement has not been official because the club wanted to extend it beyond that date and the negotiation for that fourth year (until 2027) is closed. The player does not have a first-team number, but the truth is that he is already one of the team. The club wanted to sign another winger at the beginning of the season and in January, considering that he had three players on the wing. He now he has four because for Rubén Baraja and Carlos Marchena, Fran Pérez is one more of the list of footballers they have for the foreign game.

The player’s will was to stay in January and it has also been to renew. His dream has always been to play for Valencia CF. He already rejected Atlético de Madrid in youth when he was free and waited for the Mestalla team. Now he has already taken his first steps with the team, he contributes to the opportunities he has and wants to do so in the coming seasons as well.

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