Ford proposes an ERE for more than 1,100 employees at its plant in Valencia

Ford raises the dismissal of 1,144 employees in the next Employment Regulation File, the negotiating commission of which met for the first time this Friday morning.

In a statement, Ford’s management explains that the company is carrying out a “deep restructuring of its operations in Europe” and adds that today it is taking a further step by proposing a “resizing of its workforce in Spain”.

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Resizing is the word that the company has already used when talking about future changes in the size of the workforce, but this had not yet materialized in numbers. Now, knowing the magnitude of the figure, the company expressed in the statement released to the employees this morning that they will work “constructively together with the unions to minimize the impact of this decision on the employees, their families and the local community “.

After hearing the news, the unions have expressed their assessments. From UGT-PV, the majority union in the plant after the recent union elections, the one announced today is a volume “more than considerable to reach an agreement that guarantees the voluntary nature of 100% of the casualties”, for which they warn that it is expected a “more than complicated” negotiation.

UGT-PV warns that due to the volume of layoffs it will be difficult for 100% of employees to leave “voluntarily”

The union explains in its statement that since the surplus of employees is numerous, the company “will not be able to claim to lower the conditions of the previous plans” and warns that the company should seek “the opposite to seek the greatest number of volunteers.”

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