‘For God’s sake, keep your voice down’

Cara de Sapato and Larissa talk about friendship and priorities at ‘BBB 23’

Larissa It is shoe face discussed again in BBB 23. On the night of this Monday, 06/03, the two decided to clarify their relationship and priorities in reality, but the conversation did not end well.

Cara de Sapato and Larissa at ‘BBB 23’. Playback / Globe

Photo: Mais Novela

We were together the whole time. When I know that you talk about five people who are priorities and I’m not among them, but distant people, yes, I felt strange”began the sister.

The fighter said he didn’t want to harm her by voting for other participants, but Larissa countered: “For us, it hurts to vote for them. Now the same thing. If I had to join votes to defend Amandinha, I would vote with them, even though I wasn’t at risk. I’ve made my priorities clear the whole time here. Until now I wasn’t at risk and, even so, I voted for who they were talking about. Now I would need it, I’m on the straight!“, he explained.

Larissa criticizes Cara de Sapato’s attitude

Larissa also confessed that she was bothered by a speech by Cara de Sapato. “I was upset because you said that I don’t do anything here at the house! I’m one of the people who do the most here! I was the person who washed and dried the dishes the most. You say that I don’t do anything?”, questioned.

The fighter tried to justify himself, but Larissa replied: “You don’t let anyone do anything in the kitchen, you keep interrupting! I won’t do it anymore, that’s it! Our mistake is this, you don’t let anyone do it and the two insist on staying in the kitchen!”.

The discussion was interrupted by the participant, who asked the brother to keep his voice down. “Speak quietly! For God’s sake, keep your voice down!”he requested. “But you keep interrupting me!”Shoe snapped, ending the conversation.

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