Footballer Moustapha Sylla dies after collapsing in the middle of a match

The tragedy has been primed again with soccer Ivory Coast. This past Sunday, during the celebration of a new day of the league of the First division from the African country, the footballer moustapha sylla died after collapsing on the pitch while playing a soccer match.

The defender of Racing Club Abidjan He fell plummeting onto the grass and, despite the fact that the medical services tried to do everything possible to revive him and he was even taken to the hospital, their efforts were in vain as the athlete ended up dying at the hospital complex.

The party passed normally, and in the creepy images you can see how Sylla, who was occupying his usual position as a left-back, he begins to take random steps backwards and ends up collapsing on the grass. A few seconds later, it is one of his rivals who turns and sees the player lying on the ground to angrily call the medical services.

The soccer player was transferred to the hospital in a critical situation, but the toilets could not do anything to save his life and he ended up dying. A new tragic episode that hits football in the Ivory Coast again, which has already experienced similar situations in recent years.


The player’s club, the Racing Club Abidjan, reported the event through a statement: “Our defense Sylla Moustapha passed away this afternoon after some discomfort during the match between RCA and Sol FC. The board of directors sends its sincere condolences to the biological family. Rest in peace moustapha, rest in peace lion”, wrote the African entity.

In addition, the entity also wanted to expose through its social networks that the burial of the 21-year-old athlete was scheduled for this Monday, March 6, and that it would take place in the municipal cemetery of Dabou.

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This death caused reactions in African football, and one of its great icons of recent years such as Didier Drogbawanted to send his message of support to the family, although he also demanded much more security for the footballers in his country.

Thus, the former soccer player Chelsea was visibly upset: “My condolences to Ivorian football. Three deaths of players from the Ivory Coast Professional League in less than 4 years. When are mandatory medical visits for each ‘professional’ player? Blood work, ECG, stress tests? When will the arrival of sports medicine?” lamented the former striker.

This death has caused a stir in the Ivorian country as the demands for more security and monitoring of the soccer players have reappeared. There is hardly any medical control over them, and the recent deaths in recent times highlight this serious problem.

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