Football results are true riddles of reason – 03/07/2023 – Tostão

I liked the idea of ​​interim coach Ramon in calling up the Brazilian national team for the friendly against Morocco by associating players who played in the World Cup with others who play in Brazil, with young people who were part of the under-20 team and some with Olympic age, less aged 23. Several of these youngsters will be able to evolve and play at the 2026 World Cup.

However, two important youngsters were missing, who were present at the 2022 Cup: Bruno Guimarães, who continues to play well in England, and, mainly, Martinelli, Arsenal’s highlight, leader of the English Championship. The two, for the moment, are above others who have been summoned to their positions.

According to the call-up, the team that should start the game, unless Ramon makes several experiences, must have nine players who were in the 2022 World Cup: Éderson or Wéverton, Marquinhos, Militão, Alex Telles, Casemiro, Rodrygo or Anthony, Vinicius Junior , Paquetá and Richarlison. Right-back Emerson, who almost went to the World Cup, should be in the starting lineup. Alongside Casemiro, there are three midfielders for a spot: André, João Gomes and Andrey.

I hope that, in a variable time, Ramon evolves, acquires a lot of knowledge and becomes a great coach. The young Scaloni, world champion, who had never managed a team in Argentina, is an exception. Scaloni, who had excellent conduct, had the support of the brilliant Messi and other great players and the enormous desire of all to recover the world prestige of Argentine football.

Also, there was no surprise. Argentina, before the World Cup, was at the same technical level as the eight candidates for the title. France, theoretically the strongest, had important absences, such as Benzema. The World Cup is football’s biggest celebration, but there is often an overestimation of the technical level of the winning team, as if it were always spectacular and heroic.

There is also in football, especially in short championships, a succession of surprising factors that change the history of the game. Days ago, Liverpool lost to Real Madrid 5-2 in the Champions Cup; then thrashed Manchester United 7-0 in the Premier League; Manchester United had beaten Barcelona in the Europa League; Barcelona, ​​in turn, had beaten Real Madrid in the Spanish Championship. It is the dance of uncertainties.

While I dream of seeing the strongest Brazilian team in 2026, with better sides, with a midfielder ace like Modric, De Bruyne, Gerson, from the 1970 Cup, with a striker close to Ronaldo, a Romário, a Reinaldo, the South American championships and the long state championships continue.

I repeat, the big Brazilian teams, instead of being satisfied with the dominance of South American football, should try to improve the schedule and quality to approach the technical level of the best European teams.

The performances and victories of Grêmio over Inter and Vasco over Flamengo show that Grêmio and Vasco, coming from Série B, signed great players and have great chances of having excellent campaigns in the first division.

Kleber, a sick Cruzeirense, owner of the newsstand where I go to chat and buy my newspaper, when he saw me he vented after Cruzeiro’s last game: “I’m horrified with the team’s performance”. I was also worried about the team’s campaign in the first division of the Brasileirão.

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