Five Betis ultras are arrested in Manchester after causing a serious altercation at Old Trafford

The journey of Betis to Manchester It couldn’t have had worse consequences due to both the bad image it left behind and the sporting disaster. The team of Manuel Pellegrini they were defeated 4-1 and it is very difficult for them to advance to the next round. The group trained by have Hag, who had just lost 7-0 against Liverpool in the Premierhe compensated himself in the best way by giving an authentic exhibition in the europa league.

However, the most serious situation was not experienced on the pitch, but was in the stands. The most radical fans of Real Betis caused serious altercations in Old Trafford. A group of ultras from the Andalusian team who traveled to Manchester rebuked local fans and confronted the police.

The charges, which were recorded by television cameras and by the lens of the photographers covering the duel, left six Real Betis fans as designated, who tried to jump from an area of ​​the Old Trafford stands into one of the corridors to start a fight that, luckily, could be avoided.

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However, when the English police and stadium security arrived at the scene, there were moments of great tension, shoving and hitting. In fact, in the images that have emerged, one of the radicals of the Spanish team can be seen removing the belt from his pants to try to hit someone.

The rapid police intervention prevented the situation from escalating and there was no regretting great damage. However, the image left by these radicals was lamentable. In fact, it has gone around all the news outlets in the UK. At first, up to six Betis ultras were arrested. However, one of them has already been released while the others are still in police stations.

Now, Real Betis has asked the English authorities to identify these people in order to apply their internal regime to them, something that will entail the withdrawal of their membership and subscriber card. The incidents were caused by a group of about 20 ultras, although in the end only the most violent in the confrontation were arrested.

However, from a sector of the Andalusian fans it has also been denounced that there was a rain of objects from one of the stands of Old Trafford to the area where the most radical followers of Betis were. Therefore, the war would have had two fronts and not only the ultras of the Andalusian team would be singled out.

investigations begin

The English police have already contacted the high levels of the Verdiblanco club, which have been in charge of reporting the progress that has been made in the case. At Betis they are deeply hurt by the image that this small group of ultras have caused and they wanted to make it clear that what was caused by a few cannot stain the good behavior of the almost 4,000 Betis who traveled to England to watch the match of his team. In addition, they highlight that despite the sporting setback, the Andalusian fans behaved in an exemplary manner.

The players from Manuel Pellegrini’s team wanted to thank their team for their support after consummating the tough defeat and went to the Old Trafford stands where they were located. These had not caused a single altercation either in the previous ones or during the game.

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