Find out how the White Room will work at “BBB 23”

Photo: Disclosure/Globo/Poppoca Moderna

He’s back, the most feared of them all: the classic White Room is back on “BBB 23”. Or not? After all, the dynamics come back completely disfigured.

The presenter Tadeu Schmidt explained, during the night of Tuesday (7/3), how the new dynamics in the program will work. It will start this Wednesday morning (8/3). The brothers will not have the traditional wake-up call and at exactly 10 am, the external area of ​​the house will be released. Outside, in the middle of the lawn, those confined will see a mysterious button. Whoever presses it first goes to the White Room and can indicate someone else to go along.

If two or more people agree to press the button together, it will not be activated. Nothing will happen until just one person squeezes it alone.

Arriving at the White Room, the two people will participate in a long-lasting duel inside a car. The loser will go straight to Paredão. No Roundup. The winner gets immunity and takes the car home. If the two participants resist until Thursday’s program, a live outcome will be conceived.

The two participants in the White Room will not participate in this week’s Leader’s Trial.

Used for the first time in “BBB 9”, the White Room consists of a room completely covered in white with a red button in the middle, which can be pressed at any time by the brothers who are in it. Leaving the room always has some consequence. The White Room’s last appearance was on “BBB 20”, as a Punishment of the Monster.

In that edition, the fourth did not last long because the participant Manu Gavassi decided to press the red button after about 8 hours of dynamics. By taking this attitude, the actress put herself directly on the wall, but ended up not being eliminated.

The “BBB 23” version, on the other hand, looks more like a traditional resistance test, regardless of the color of the room, since the real environment is the car of a sponsor of the program.

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