Fight between Cute and Deadly Monster Aliens destroyed the Moon | Cosmoball (2020) Movie Explained

The combat among lovely and lethal Monster Aliens destroyed the Moon. Cosmoball (2020) Sci-FI film explained. The American SciFi Thriller film “Cosmoball” tale is summarized with a complete finishing explanation. The plot is ready. The Moon became damaged into portions, and the Earth’s poles started shifting due to a galactic conquest near Earth. The Earth is being hovered over via way of means of a vast spaceship called the “Cosmo Ball.” This enormous area pill hovers over Earth which hosts sports activities much like soccerhowever at dizzying most speed. The sport’s call is cosmo-ball. Everyone enjoys this enjoyable sport besides Anton, who needs to thwart the evil intention at the back of it.

Cosmoball (2020) Movie Trailer

Cosmoball (2020) Explaination

In the beginning  of the the Cosmoball Movie

The battle had held between two aliens.
One of the aliens name was “Belo” while other’s name was “Cherno”.
” Cherno” builds a weapon for this fight “Wave Eater”.
It was such a weapon that used to release the solid balls of energy.
Such balls of energy which were enough to destroy any planet.
But Cherno’s airship collided with the moon on a day.
As a result, moon destroyed and “Cherno” and his airship fall down on the Earth.
Many new diseases infected the Earth due to this airship.
And the climate of Earth also changed.
And “Balo” imprisoned “Cherno” on the Earth with it.
But Cherno’s weapon had such a power that,
Which he could control through the Earth.

But the inhabitants of Earth had no knowledge about it.
Those people used to think to deactivate these balls of energy as a sport , Its name was “Cosmos”.
Many years later, some such human being come into life on Earth,
Who had the power of teleportation. Now this sport was played by humans and aliens.
On the other side it is sen that Cherno’s powers were reducing.
Now the year of 2071 is shown in the movie.
Here a lamp falls on the movie’s protagonist “Anton”.
But he remains safe from this. And it is known that,
Cherno” s daughter “Anya” had fallen it on him.
Here “Anya” moves to the airship of “Cherno” in the underground after teleporting herself.
Where “Cherno” tells her that “Anton” has such powers in his body that,
Which will be revealed in some excitement or any intense emotions.
And “Cherno” needed those powers for his new creation.
So he says to her for this , Kill “Anton”!

Here it is also revealed that “Cherno” is still using the cosmoballs.
With which both humans and aliens were battling.
All used to like it , taking it as a sport.
Here “Anton” is shown who goes to meet a lady for a job.
But that lady was fully engaged in watching that game.
And she rejects “Anton”. Here “Belo” comes to know that,
That “Cherno” is in pursuit of another invention.
So they move to his airship to ruin it.
But “Cherno” saves that invention.
Now the scene moves on the sport where the Earth team members were in final round of game.
Here “Anton” was much worried of not getting the job.

Because his mother’s condition was critical.
And he had no money for the medication.
So he moves to a pharmacy for theft.
Where a girl helps her, but the police arrive there.
And he is running as the police reach.
Suddenly, a vehicle hits him, appearing there.
“Anton” moves somewhere else , disappearing himself.
It means that the powers of his teleportation had activated.
“Belo” was engaged to restore the moon. He comes to know that,
Such a man had teleported about whom he has no information.
Here “Anton” discovers the same girl of pharmacy, moving to a place after teleportation.

Who leads him to a tunnel.
She pulls some of the hair of “Anton”.
So she may hand them over to her father.
“Cherno” starts his experiment , possessing Anton’s DNA.
But it does not work. “Cherno” says to “Anya”,
The view of Anton’s house is seen that she may kill “Anton,” on the other side.
Where many people were waiting for him as he reaches at home.
They wanted “Anton” that “Anton” may join their team.
At the beginning, “Anton” does not agree. When they say that,
They will arrange the expense of his mother’s treatment then “Anton” agrees.
Afterwards, they bring him in their airship.
A robot is manufactured here for “Anton”.
Which is necessary for all players. “Belo” also training “Anton” with it.

So he may get control over his powers. When “Anton” faces a little difficulty at the start,
Then one of his team female players named “Natasha” helps him.
“Belo” was very satisfied from “Anton” here.
Because he had learnt the control over his powers.
Here “Natasha” and “Belo” had started to take care of Anton’s mother.
And “Natasha” had started to like “Anton”.
So she used to spend more time with his mother.
“Natasha” and Anton’s mother are talking.
Then she tells when the moon was cracked into pieces then ” Anton” was born at that time.
A very piercing thing had touched her body.
It is perhaps the cause of that ability of teleportation in the next scene, “at “Anya” calls “Anton” at place where they meet.
“Anya” hands him over a poisonous flower, entangling in her conversation.
She tells him, That airship will be poisonous when you will squeeze it, going there.
At first, “Anton” is not convinced by her.
But he agrees , observing the annoyance of “Anya”.
Because “Anton” had the affections for “Anya”.
And he had also no any interest in cosmoball.
In the next scene , it is seen that the players were getting ready for the sport.
But the climax arises that “Anton” refuses to play this game on a time.
All get worried, hearing it. “Belo” takes “Anton” from there.
And he exposes the reality of this game and cosmoballs.
He also tells with it, This fact still is hidden from human players.

All consider it a sport. “Belo” tells “Anton” that he had imprisoned him,
But he cannot stop him for inventing such things here.
Because Earth will also be destroyed if he ruined his laboratory.
“Anton” realizes his mistake , knowing all these facts.
And he also decides to mend it. Then “Anton” moves to that place,
Where he had thrown that poison.
But it was too late because that poison had spread much.
“Belo” takes all out from this airship immediately.
And the emergency system of airship is activated.
“Anton” starts to face those “Cosmoballs”.

And he goes to meet “Anya” when she calls him, keeping his robot aside.
Where “Anya” paralyzes him , making him sniff the sarin gas.
And she reveals that she knows her several years ago.
And she was chasing her for along time ago. So his powers may be activated.
Here “Anya” also says to him that I like you!
After this, “Anya” takes the DNA of “Anton” after pricking a device on his forehead her father needed iter. Here “Cherno” puts Anton’s DNA in his experimental process.
Through which a creature is created.” Cherno” connects this creature with his brain.
Here the scene moves to “Anton” again whre he was still paralyzed at the same place.
Where his robot appears there along with “Belo”.
There “Cherno” threatens “Belo” , appearing mysteriously,
That he will ruin the whole World!
Then it is also revealed here that it was “Belo” who created “Journo”.

On the other side, it is seen that Journo’s creature was creating havoc in the whole city.
And all players were glimpsing it.
Suddenly, that creature moves to the space.
“Belo” confesses his mistake here before everyone.
That “Cosmoball” is not a sport but a war. It is the war to protect “Earth”.
And he flies his airship into the space with it.
“Natasha” was not still believing in the words of “Belo”.
She asks him again, Was it you who created “Cherno”?
Then he reveals to her everything that he created “Cherno” for his assistance.
But he committed mistake at a place after putting emotions into him.
And those emotions converted into the evil powers.
Due to this, “Cherno” turned into an evil power.

Contrarily, the same creature comes on the scene.
From which “Cherno” was emitting his balls of energy.
All players were attempting to deactivate those cosmoballs.
City was also being ruined because of not having stadium.
At the same time, all airships were in the work to control them.
That creature makes it inactive. “Anton” apologizes his robot here.
And he begins to protect the people without the protection suit.
An cosmoball strikes “Anton” while deactivating the cosmoball.
But his robot appears before the happening of something.
And it gives him his protection suit.
“Anton” had become more potent with his courage, protection suit and power.

And he was deactivating those cosmoballs.
Now the scene moves to “Belo” who is seen in the alien form.
And he moves to the airship of “Cherno” with “Natasha” while teleporting.
A battle breaks out among them. “Belo” begins to attack “Cherno”.
While “Natasha” tackles “Anya”. “Belo” was freezing the device while using his freezing abilities.
“Cherno” was also stopping him for this.
But he also freezes “Cherno” , using his freezing power.
Contrarily, “Anya” is seen. She disguised into “Natasha” , using her abilities.
And she paralyzes “Belo” while diverting his attention and making him sniff sarin gas.
In this way, “Anya” rescues her father.
“Anton” appears there before “Cherno” kills “Belo”.

Then “Anton” captures “Anya” as he arrives.
But “Cherno” ends his daughter in order to catch “Anton”.
And he sticks with the wall. Ad a result, he is unable to teleport himself.
“Cherno” also kills “Belo” who was going to support him.
Then “Anya” tells him while dying.
This creature has been created through your DNA!
You can handle it with no difficulty. And she dies after saying it.
“Anton” carries it out here immediately. And he connects his powers with this creature, uniting them.
And that creature also gets the knowledge that its actual owner is “Anton”.

So it does not cause any damage because of his asking to stop it. Her rescue “Natasha” also throws Cherno’s and his “Wave Eater machine” towards the sun.
Consequently, they both are ended. Afterwards, it is seen that,
That all released cosmoballs of “Cherno” are stopped on the Earth.
Now the new captain of Belo’s airship tells all that,
They can restore the proper life on the Earth again through those energy balls.
“Anton” is also seen with it. Who combines the pieces of the moon , using his powers and that creature.
In the end , it is seen that “Anton” and “Natasha” are leading a blissful life.

And This is the point where movie ends.


Credits & Details :

Initial release: 27 August 2020 (Russia)
Director: Dzhanik Fayziev
Writer: Dzhanik Fayziev
Languages: Russian; English
Music by: Tony Neiman
Box office: : ₽106.6 million; $1.4 million (Worldwide); $1.4 million (Russia/CIS);
Based on: Galactik Football; by Frederic Dybowski; Antoine Charreyron
Budget: ₽786 million; $15–22 million
Produced by: Sergey Selyanov (ru‎); Dzhanik F…‎
Country: Russia
Production; companies: Bonanza Studio; S

Cosmoball: The Movie Soundtrack

Film score by Tony Neiman
Released November 2, 2020[22]
Recorded 2020
Genre Film score
Length 1:08:49
Language English, Russian
Label Tony Neiman


Cosmoball is a 2020 Russian science-fiction action-fantasy film about a giant spaceship that hovers over Earth, hosting a sports event. –MoviesndMania

Cosmoball is a mesmerizing intergalactic game of future played between humans and aliens at the giant extraterrestrial ship hovering in the sky over Earth.- Letterboxd

An enormous spaceship hovers over Earth-this is a stadium, which hosts sports events that resemble soccer but at mind-boggling speeds. – IMDb


As a film reviewer for over a decade, I have various visible filmshowever, this needs to be one of the best. The reality that 1 billion changed into placed into this film transformed into a massive shocker to me, and the trailer changed into simply so stunning and nicely made. This film has a tremendous plot for every age, and I have in no way visible such depth and motion in only one film. This film needs to be one of the best. 10/10 recommended. You can locate me on each yelp and Instagram for extra film reviews.


 Lovely Movie. The photo and aesthetic are so tremendousa great deal higher than Hollywood sci-fi. Everybody appearing is so excellent now no longer stressful at all. Additionally, the lead actor resembles Patrick Swayze 😃 Soon; I can also see the lovely Aliens toys within the market. I need to personal that little endure monster too. Thank you for the film. Keep making extra. Love from India

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